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16 Sep 2014, 5:22 am

Outrider wrote:
Janissy wrote:
Brian Eno
He's the electronic musician of and for my older generation. I loved him in the 70's when we both were young. I love him still as his music has aged and become more ambient electronic, as befits us middle-agers.

You youngsters can keep your endless bip-bip-bip of dubstep or whatever it is. I'm relaxing with Eno, the inevnetor of electronic music. 8)

A lot of the teens and young adults who like electronic msuic today don't know about Brian Eno unfortunately.

Some other good pioneers of electronic music are Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Ray Lynch, Aphex Twin, The Orb, Terry Riley, etc. Have you by chance heard of any of their music?

Oh yes. Kraftwerk was popular when I was young in the 80's. They even had hits with 'Trans Europe Express" and "Tour de France". Nerds (like me) loved them. Nerds who were also stoners listened to Tangerine Dream. At the time I found them too sleepy and slow and didn't listen to them much. With age I have greater appreciation of sleepy and slow ambient music and listen to them a lot more now.

I am somewhat familiar with Apex Twin but haven't listened to a lot of their stuff. I always get the Orb mixed up with William Orbit but I like what I heard (of both of them, I can't keep straight whose song is whose). I don't know Ray Lynch or Terry Riley at all.

It's nice to see at least some young people like the classics.