Why Russia is not declared war on Ukraine? I support Ukraine

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03 Oct 2014, 10:16 pm

American economic fraud broke the EU, all those AAA securities that were worthless, and we knew it.

We are at war with them, spy on them, tap their leaders phones, trade delegations, and are out to reduce them to servant nations, to serve NATO, and supply the bodies to catch bullets in Iraq, Afganistan, Iran, Syria, and Ukaraine.

Anyone who would trade oil in Gold, Euros, is attacking the Almighty Dollar. Its reserve Currency status allows us to Export Inflation and Tax the World.

We do not make much anymore, but Europe's problems are American Made.

The government of Ukraine was overthrown, by $5,000,000,000 in American Social Investment.

The same happened in Syria, and continues to be funded.

In Iraq, the Kurds were supported, so they could sign over the oil underground, to American Companies, to ship out through Turkey.

ISIS killing Iraqis was no problem, till they got close to our oil interests, then fighter planes. Heads have been taken in Syria for years. The first I remember was done by the FAS. It was also them who ate the heart of a Syrian soldier.

Our view has been, Boys will be boys.

The Moderates, read employed by the CIA, have done most of the killing. 50,000 Syrian army and police, and 100,000 women, children, and other non combatants. The government does not waste bullets it can use to kill terrorists.

Kill terrorists they do, so far, about half of the fighters who came ended in a shallow grave.

The other half will soon. They have been driven from the cities, most out of the country, to Iraq, and are being hunted on all sides.

In the Ukraine, 65% of the weapons have been captured or destroyed, they sent in everything they had, but they did not have fighters, so they sent 18 year old boys, with a uniform and a month of training, to obey.

Only the Rights Sector, National Guard, fought, looted, murdered, kidnapped, stole, and in return, they did most of the dying.

Regular army could defect, surrender, or be given a path to Russia and out of the war. Rights Sector were extirminated. The same happened to those the Rights Sector took prisoner.

As for the Russian invasion with Atomic Hand grenades, everyone over 25 has CCCP on their birth certificate. Their fathers served in Afganistan, Chetsnia, and sons who joined dad's old outfit, now Russian Army, could earn Citizenship.

They could also get hardship leave, to go home where the heros of the past were having their homes shelled. It would mess up training if one went, so his whole squad demanded leave.

It is what friends are for. So some died on leave, it happens.

Before that, Putin gave them each a basket of atomic hand grenades, and his personal recipie for Slav baby.

The coup goverment supplied the tanks that rolled up Maripol. They left them parked by the Russian border, as the draftees left the war. They also left fuel, ammo, but did not have food, medical supplies, so those were given in exchange.

The tanks rolled south, and invested a ring of Rights Sector that had invested the City of Maripol, and were caught with their guns pointed the wrong way.

It is all Putin's fault because he does not love Negros and Homosexuals.

NATO is a great place to drive refugees, If the Baltics love Ukraine so much, start something, and 30,000,000 will be rammed up your southern border. It is the only way they will ever become EU Citizens.

The Rights Sector now threatens the Government that sent them to the east to extirminate all the Russian speakers, we have that order on tape, which lead to schools, hospital, residentul areas, being bombed and shelled, and civilians being captured and killed.

Those are First Class War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and there is a right of all people, to hunt down and hang the guilty. Thousands killed in the east will be avenged.

When a Nation declares war on it's own population, for the reason of their language, religion, culture, it is called Genocide.

Ukraine does not have a Government, it has a mob made up of gangs. They will be brought to justice.


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06 Oct 2014, 2:54 pm

btw this is what the Ukrainian government wants you to believe is happening, that the rebels are shelling themselves.



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06 Oct 2014, 9:21 pm

Here's a Ukrainian propaganda/recruiting ad from early in the war