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01 Oct 2014, 9:15 am

Off topic, but just stopping by to say thank you, Ana. Your imagination and inquisitive mind has in some way rubbed off on me it seems. I have not been able to write a fictional story since 1979; a story at the time of me at 19, to my first love that I got back with, a forbidden love then with parents. So I wrote a fictional story in a place of 'mind' of hope beyond reality; an Island get away, with an accepting friend, so welcoming that my Love believed it and for a short while, we lived in True hope, then.

And now, ha-ha, I even include Aliens too, of sort, in my latest 35 year hiatus of fictional story written.

This is reciprocal social communication Ana. When people appreciate the help others give them, no matter how small, they simply go the time and effort to say thank you, and that is what i'm doing here now.

So again, thank you.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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01 Oct 2014, 9:34 am

Thanks, Aghogday. Writing is a worthwhile endeavor.


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02 Oct 2014, 1:08 pm

A bit older record, an x gene found in Scandinavians, is also found in the Souix and Objibwa.

Their original location was around the Great Lakes.

As such things can be dated, it shows the last common ancestor was thousands of years ago.

It dates to the Bronze Age in Europe. Europe had few Copper deposits. Not nearly enough to supply the Bronze that showed up in northern Europe.

A large surface copper deposit, native metal, was worked around the Great Lakes, some serious mining, also dating from the period.

In Europe no one knows where the hundreds of tons of copper came from, as found suddenly in grave goods, while most, pots, axes, knives were recycled.

In the Americas, no one knows where all the copper went, only a small amount showed up.

Next stop, Wales, which has large surface Tin Deposits, and Spain, which had surface Lead deposits.

Copper plus Tin, Brass, with a little Lead, Bronze.

Wales for some reason has a fairly large collection of Native American genes.

In your version of historic reconing, this is The Age of Atlantis.

Only Atlantis knew the secrets of Oracalium. Calium means copper, so Golden Copper, Brass.

This was the age of the Long Barrows, when Stonehenge was built, and Cyclopien Building, constructed of huge stones.

Found in the Long Barrows, worked Jade artifacts, with the nearest source, China, or the Americas.

Huge stone buildings appear in Middle America. Egyptian mummies were tested and found to contain tobacco, and cocaine. In the oldest stone cultures in the Americas, Olmec, very African stone heads were carved. In slightly later sites, heads of white men with beards.

Evidence exists that the Atlantian trade network existed during the last ice age, when the ocean was smaller, and an ice free land passage existed across what is now the North Atlantic.

Back then the Nile Valley was a canyon ending in a 150 foot waterfall. Once the ice started melting, it flooded, and the original settlements of Egypt are far upriver, where the old beach was.

People in the Atlantic Basin were pushed out by rising sea level, at the time Herodotus reports the Egyptians told Solon, the gods came from the west, 15,500 years ago.

There are pre Egyptian wall paintings in Tasilli, north Africa, south Algeria, that show very Egyptian poses, and people wearing woven cloaks, and metal headbands, with the rising cobra, dated 15,000 years ago. This was long before the Bronze Age.

A large skulled people lived in South Africa till 10,000 years ago. based on brain size, they are estimated to have had a 150 IQ.

The same in the oldest south American sites, Vera Cocha's city on Lake Titicaca. Vera Cocha was said to have blue or green eyes, and red hair. The short robes drove out the long robes, and Vera of the ocean, the meaning of cocha, walked east over the ocean, and Ra shows up in Egypt.

Both built in large stone, both used the vulture motief, and both had long skulls.

So once there were gods that lived among us, who had long skulls, and maybe some people did shape babies heads to look like them. It would not increase brain size. It was a status thing, we have gods in the family line.

Now we know better, our little girls get their noses bobbed, chins reduced, lips enlarged, eyes made larger, and get entered in beauty pagents.

I miss The Elder Gods.


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02 Oct 2014, 2:57 pm

ooOoOoOAnaOoOoOoo wrote:
Okay Jamestown. Obviously you knew what I meant. Take to heart what I said though. We know the Vikings were very advanced when it came to traveling by sea, so it is not out of this world unrealistic to consider some of them came in small patches to find a new land or to perhaps live at sea after they got pissed off at some people where they lived previously. They would want to leave so they could do things their way so they got in their ship and took off. They just went and went until they found land. They, most likely, had no idea where they were.

What is this thing that you said that you are asking me to "take to heart"?
Do you mean that nonsense about the DNA test? That Im supposed to drop a ton of evidence just to grab one once of counter evidence from that one DNA test? Even if they had actually conducted a DNA test, and it had been conducted by a real reputable lab- honest reputable folks can make mistakes. And even if that result was not a mistake-there could be other explanations for the results. One swallow does not make a summer.

About Vikings: was 'into' Vikings since I was knee high, and actually- thats not a bad description of how they spread across the ocean. Starting communities on islands- the communities would fission- a faction would get back in boats and spread farther. The Norse spread from Norway to the Sheltands, and Faroes, and then to Iceland, and the Greenland, and finally to "Vinland" in Labarador. But exactly because they were disorganized and "didnt know where they were" only adds to the problems in your notion.

Look at a map please!

The Vikings are known to have gotten as far from Scandanavia to one settlement in Labrador. So they did atleast start to girdle the "top" of the North Atlantic.

But you're asking the Vikings to start from some point in that range (from Norway to Greenland, or maybe Labrador), and to wander without even knowing where they are going- and to end up in the Ica region of Peru- below the equator - and on the Pacific coast. Look at a map- they would have to go all of the way around one or the other of the two American continents (MANY thousands of miles) to make such an unlikely landfall. And they would have to do it accidently- and without accidently finding some closer place to make landfall.

How likely is that?

And there is nothing in the Paracas material culture unearthed (that I have ever heard of) that links them to the Norse anyway (except that probably spurious DNA test).

OH! And one other thing.

The Peruvian Coneheads- the Paracas culture thrived from 800 BC to about 100 BC (contemporary with classical Greece). The Vikings were doing thing from AD 800 to AD 1100. The Vikings would have needed time machines to go back 1000 plus years as well. So the timing is as far off as the geography.