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05 Dec 2014, 8:27 pm

JSBACHlover wrote:
Rogerian psychotherapy is all about "getting in touch with my feelings" to determine my "true self" so that I might achieve "self-actualization." It's not about right or wrong, which is actually why it is so incredibly dangerous. Rogers' own daughter used his therapy to justify leaving her husband and three children. Rogers, at the end of his life, was very upset about how some were taking his theories because, personally, he was a fundamentalist Protestant.

Anyway, most therapists incorporate many of Rogers' theories, but they usually try to balance it with Ellis' CBT, which allows for a more right vs. wrong / healthy vs. unhealthy approach.

The thing about Aspies is that we can't find our core. So by actually just telling us what to frigging do to fit it - black and white, right / wrong - then we're fine. We Aspies are not fancy-shmancy people!

So the fancy-shmancy psychotherapists I've had were the ones who made something really simple into something very complicated. That's why I don't like them. They're like the kids on the playground who kept changing the rules as the game went along. :)

Rogers was very important in his time in providing a countervailing voice to the hardline behaviourists, standing for humanistic rather than mechanistic psychology and practice. His work, "Toward a More Human Science of the Person" was very important in that context and time. Ellis is going out of fashion a bit now; the newer version of CBT uses a more dialectical approach. There are fashions in psychology, counselling, and psychiatry; they come and go and come back in new disguises. A lot of it is political, not scientific.