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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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11 Mar 2007, 2:09 am

paulsinnerchild wrote:
I am especially passionate about herpetology and has maintained this obsession to this day. I have kept this passion largely to myself and I may stay totally quiet and antisocial during a party or some other social situation but at any opportunity the subject of snakes pops up in a such a social situation no one can shut me up. If the subject of the conversation in a room is something rather mundane say like new bathroom tiles or the latest football score and I may just sit quietly daydreaming about herpetology or even volcanology or cosmology Sometimes I would use the slightest chance to sidetrack to the subject herpetology or one of my other narrow interests. My guess the reason why I find dangerous creature like snakes so fascinating is because they fantasize so much about flirting with danger. Same applies for volcanos where I also fantasize about their overwhelming power, which why I fantasize about cosmology so much. I have actually been into contact with some dangerous species with bravado that would make my mother's hair curl.

One time I was on a fire truck volunteering to help with burning roadside firebreaks at Rokewood Junction, Victoria. Wile I was standing on the truck, my brother-in-law spotted a tiger snake. Me, as quick as a flash jumped off the truck and grabbed it by the tail as some old farmer followed behind me. I was standing dangling the deadly beast right in font of the old farmer's nose and he just about had a heart attack. That old farmer told me to put it down carefully. But unfortunately old farmers being old farmers he chopped it up into ten pieces with his shovel. I felt I was going to be next.



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11 Mar 2007, 2:44 am

I am obssessed with Anime, especially Dragon Ball Z. Everything I think about translates into me being a Saiyan and whooping arse.

Then there's the Lions, the Brisbane Lions. Although that's sort of more respect.

And the Undertaker. I think about him 24/7. And not pretty thoughts.

I tend to think a lot about sex and masturabtion a lot too.


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11 Mar 2007, 2:53 am

Unknown wrote:
Historical real time strategy games..

Rah! Just about anything by paradox!

Actually, I'm not too big into computer games, but I do obsess over them,
and almost any - running from games which are similar to the strategy games
that I love (table-top please) to really crappy games that have no point.

Hanging out far too much on forums. I got sidetracked by this last year, around this
time, and I fear it's happening again.

Porn - ever since I was pretty young. End up more just collecting and archiving than anything else now.