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23 Oct 2014, 11:36 pm

Ever notice your prayers never get answered? Its because god does not exist and I wished his existence away, god is dead he is make believe and never existed in the first place! Humans evolved from apes and are apes and shared a common ancestor 6 million years ago and we have fossilized evidence proving this and the missing link has been found! The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and not 6000 years old proven via potassium argon dating and more proof knowing we have planets and galaxies millions and billions of light years away and yes the speed of light is constant! Also Noahs Flood did not exist! [youtube][/youtube]Also there are also 50 simple proofs proving that god does not exist!

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You are very likely an aspie
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24 Oct 2014, 10:23 am

Well, my goodness, of course that GOD invented in Abrahamic religions, beyond the mystical Kabbalah and Gnostic ways, does not exist.

That is only a patriarchal tribal GOD invented to support the tribe of old, way, way, way, back some 3500 years ago.

Meanwhile the scribe of GOD, aka Science, has figured out the INTERDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP OF ALL THAT IS, IS aka GOD, is so much larger than that noun of a GOD and is instead a verb of action in all of being as is. Yes, down to the quantum level of physics where the same measures of interconnectedness are found on the macro galaxy level, in the golden-spiraled mean of 1.618.

And sorry your prayers do not come true. Back when I did not have FULL usage of the emoting power of emotion that does connect us better to the entire world around us, my hopes and prayers did not come true either. IN fact, I had no hope, as hope is emotion too.

And when I gained full use of my emotions again, amazingly all my prayers starting coming true almost magicKally on a daily basis.

And they still do, and hell yes, I have proof of that too, as to not go into the details here.

But upon request I can even provide the photos that show my prayers DID COME true.

Yes, the tribal GOD does not exist, but no, many of the special features of the interdependent relationship of all that is AKA GOD, including the power of prayer or hopes and dreams in what one wills to happen in this life, in either a negative or positive way, is a real proven thing, for those who either believe in great things happening in their life, or those who don't, whose prayers are never ever answered.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy for those who do not understand the inherent nature of the real all-natural Mother Nature true power of the real human emotions of faith, hope and belief.

But as they say on the Internet, photos or it didn't happen, and nah, I DO come armed with proof for all my assertions I make, upon request. :)

I'M DEAD serious on that part, particularly now that I am alive again in life, instead of being dead in life, for all practical intents and purposes for five long years of not having a soul.

And the soul thingy is a metaphor for a person whose emotions are dead. And that is a fairly common thing, seen in clinical practices in the psychology field, particularly with folks diagnosed on the autism spectrum with Alexithymia, estimated in research at around 85% of all of so called higher functioning cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

AS human beings we connect to everything with emotions even our self, at ego, and core level of human being.

It's a completely different view of the world in COLOR, so to speak with them, in full force, as opposed to an old black and white TV, for metaphor without them.

Truly the difference is day and night, for one who has experienced both ways of life.

One without GOD aka Not experiencing and FEELING the interdependent relationship of all things, AND ONE EXPERIENCING AND FEELING THE INTERDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP OF ALL THINGS, AKA GOD, WHERE REAL LIFE HUMAN MIRACLES can and do happen on a daily basis, again, as per evidence I have documented in my life, to prove it to the all the disbelievers in the simple ALL NATURAL power of HUMAN WILL, FAITH, HOPE, AND BELIEF; THE REAL powers of GOD aka the interdependent relationship of all things, that most definitely do exist, for those who have and use these real emoting powers of Life!

OH, AND while I'm at it, while it's not so easy to describe this in words, the folks in ART of heart and emotion; yes, the interdependent relationship of connecting force of communication that allows one to connect to the interdependent relationship of all that is, that IS ONE IN ALL THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE, WITH EMOTION, PROVIDES excellent metaphorical visual representations of this in the art of theater and the following video presents this point well, FOR those with the Eyes of emotion to SEE IT AKA GOD. YES, ALL THAT IS, IT aka ALL IT IS or allitis.


And no, the little three letter abstract worded symbol of GOD is not even necessary to understand this, nor are even words required, again, for those who see the deeper meanings of life, without even words.

But as science shows, some folks can only think AND NAVIGATE THE WORLD with words. THIS IS A common issue with non-verbal learning disorder too, as per the studied symptoms in around 50% of folks diagnosed previously with Asperger's syndrome in the US.

Truly the challenge of JOB to understand GOD with this limitation, it is.

But no one, has proved GOD is FAIR.


I was almost a complete shut-in for five years, with 19 medically documented disorders, including the worst pain known to mankind from waking to sleeping, for those five years, too, named type two Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I could not EMOTIONALLY connect to anyone, not even my wife, in the same house.

I prayed to GOD that it WILL all be cured, and that one day I would be stronger than ever before, and I could dance with the herd of humans free, with absolutely no fear.

And guess what, all my prayers, hopes and dreams, did come true, and my key to success is even without hope, I never ever never gave up on GOD.

And for any naysayers WHO think I'm just talking the talk and not dancing the walk of GOD.

Here's the evidence, clear and true, for anyone interested in Proof OF WHAT I SAY, DOWN TO THE CELL OF EVERYTHING i am as human being, fully taking advantage of the 'special features of GOD' aka Will, Faith, Hope, and Belief otherwise known as PRAYER.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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