sudden changes in sensory sensitivities

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26 Oct 2014, 11:40 pm

I sometimes have changes in the way I sense things for some reason.

The most common type is that a sound will suddenly seem louder than it did a second ago.
Sometimes sunlight bothers me more than it usually does, so that even when I'm wearing a hat and squinting so much that my eyes are practically closed it still hurts.
Or something will taste/smell stronger than it did before.
Like how every once in a while, when I use a stainless steel utensil it seems to have a very strong iron taste and smell.
Occasionally the taste of a food that I usually don't have much problem with will be completely overwhelming to where I can't really eat more than one bite.

Does anyone else experience anything similar?

I wonder what causes it.


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26 Oct 2014, 11:50 pm

This happens to me all the time. When I'm healthy I don't have sensory issues, but I start to get sensory issues when I'm sick. My sensory issues rarely get that bad. They're usually just an annoyance.

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26 Oct 2014, 11:55 pm

I feel like this sometimes too. Like sometimes I can be driving somewhere, and the sun is only bothering me a bit, and then other times I will get in the car and the sun is just horrible, and the sound of the car is way too loud, and then I suddenly can't stand the way my wallet feels in my back pocket. It's pretty strange.

At work we use an air compressor thing some times, it just shoots compressed air to blow off sawdust. Sometimes it only bothers me slightly more than others, and then 10 minutes later I just HAVE to cover my ears.

Sometimes I think it is due to whether I'm expecting it or not. Even small sounds, if unexpected, will freak me out. I've also noticed some days just seem to be off days for me, where I just feel more sensitive to everything all day. It is annoying how unpredictable it is from day to day.

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27 Oct 2014, 4:09 am

quite normal, my sensory issues depends on how much 'free' energy i got in my body.
if i have a decent amount (slept and ate plenty, no recent stress or interactions, no distractions), i can put up all my buffers and passive filters without trouble.
however, once the energy gets drained, either naturally by time or by needing a lot of active effects (conversation, more background effects then normal...), i won't have enough energy to both interact with and filter my surroundings, forcing me to choose.
if i choose to interact, background noises appear to increase in volume, lights start flickering and i start hearing static all over the place (power sockets, speakers, TVs...).
they appear to come out of nowhere but actually i (temporarily) lost the ability to ignore them; same effect, different reason


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18 Apr 2017, 8:58 pm

yes. used to love Ramen. my precious little "dad" cooked it for me. and with the entire packet of seasoning every time.

in 5th grade, one day i got sick after eating it. tried to eat it again afterward. felt like could not eat it. have not eaten it sense.

on thursday, i was doing what i usually do - eat the chocolate off a Kit Kat, eat the icing off a lemon luna bar, eat the chocolate off a peanut butter chocolate chip clif bar. and after a couple bites, tongue felt like sugar overload.

since then, got a perpetual sweet taste in mouth.

maybe tastes change due to age. children eat/like more sugar than adults. (fine).

paranoid it could be a symptom of a disease.

like diabetes.

but, thus far, no other diabetes symptoms.

so whatever.


sometimes the slightest noise or light annoys me. sometimes higher decibels and more watts do not annoy me.


sometimes when someone does the slightest thing, i get annoyed. sometimes they do worse things and i do not get annoyed.



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18 Apr 2017, 9:44 pm

Yep. I get those moments a lot. They usually happen when I'm tired, stressed, or menstruating. God help us when I'm all three at once. Usually when things get more intense than normal that's a clue that I'm low on health (video game term) and I need to get away so it can replenish.