Should I seek Love anymore? Or be a cold hearted Loner?

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01 Nov 2014, 4:17 am

funeralxempire wrote:
auntblabby wrote:
funeralxempire wrote:
auntblabby wrote:
I thought surplus police interceptors already had all the beefy brake and suspension bits.

Better than the lower trim levels, but with an increased ride height. They also may add skidplates. The beefed up suspension bits don't make up for the Panther platform's general unsporting characteristics. A large, body-on-frame car with a live rear axle and relatively soft suspension settings isn't going to keep pace with a much lighter car with similar width tires, half the weight and aggressive suspension settings. Since you're never going to go >200km/h on the highway it matters a lot more how your car handles and performs between 0-100mph than above there. You can only do so much with any given platform which is why production car based race series always go through periods of being dominated by one platform (or one platform per class) until rules change or a new car gets homologated.

am sure it would still handle better than the lovely Toyota Avalon I used to own.

Probably. It's probably cheaper to sup up too. :lol:
Indeed it is and you already have 250 hp and 275 lb of torque already and rwd along with top notch breaks and such it doesn't take much to make 500+ hp with ease in one!

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