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Are you a picky eater?
Yes 79%  79%  [ 34 ]
No 21%  21%  [ 9 ]
Total votes : 43


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04 Nov 2014, 10:43 pm

EzraS wrote:
I'm picky in that I don't eat foods that are too rich or spicy. I like my food more plain and bland, I also prefer to eat the same thing for each meal. Most of the time my dinner is prepared separately form the rest of the family. I find comfort and order in this. However, I'm perfectly alright with eating at various restaurants. But I always want the same menu item each visit.

I am like this. I prefer bland & watered-down.


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05 Nov 2014, 5:27 am

Strange. That's strange because I'm the opposite of picky. I've eaten all kinds of ethnic foods, internal organs, bone marrow, viscous stuff like okra, the only line I draw is that I won't eat something dangerous like raw meat. Hell I even ate insects over in the Philippines. And keep the spices coming! Spicy food excites me.

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