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16 May 2005, 12:46 am

Malcolm_Scipo wrote:
One REM song I really enjoy is Everybody Hurts.

yea that's a good song..

Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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16 May 2005, 4:24 am

aerosmith: I don't wanna miss a thing

beatles: I saw her standing there
lucy in the sky with diamonds
in my life
strawberry fields forever

billy joel: we didn't start the fire

coldplay: the scientist

everything but the girl: missing (tod terry club mix)

nine inch nails (and/or) johnny cash: HURT <an excellent song>

led zeppelin: you shook me
how many more times < love it :) >

metallica: unforgiven II
nothing else matters

nine inch nails: hurt
down in it
mr. self destruct
big man with a gun
were in this together now
into the void

nirvana: about a girl (bleach album version)
heart shaped box
rape me
all apologies
in bloom
come as you are <excellent>
lithium <very excellent ! :) > bipolar disorder
drain you
on a plain <about bipolar disorder>
the man who sold the world

pearl jam: even flow
all those yesterdays
get right

radiohead: creep <emotionally charged>
lucky <haunting>
karma police

REM: mad world (acoustic) <listen closely... this is very sad>

rolling stones: paint it black

soundgarden: my wave

steve miller band: fly like an eagle

sting: king of pain
walking on the moon
fields of gold
every breath you take
moon over bourbon street

The Byrds: Turn Turn Turn

the clash: rock the casbah

the doors: the end <heart of darkness>
light my fire
break on through the other side

the verve: bittersweet symphony <wow, just wow>

u2: in god's country
with or without you

sorry about the length... but they are good songs

Stroppy Get
Stroppy Get

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16 May 2005, 5:22 am

*cracks knuckles*

This is by no means a comprehensive list.... :lol:
In no particular order:

Joy Division - almost ALL of them, but in particular Transmission, New Dawn Fades, She's Lost Control (album version), Shadowplay, Dead Souls, Atrocity Exhibition, Colony, Twenty-Four Hours, Komakino

A Perfect Circle - The Hollow, Judith, Orestes, Three Libras, Pet, The Package

Jack Off Jill - Fear of Dying, Lovesong (Cure Cover)

Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)

The Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, How Beautiful You Are, A Forest, Primary, Cut, The Kiss, Like Cockatoos, The Walk, The Hanging Garden, Fascination Street, etc etc etc

My Bloody Valentine - Soon, Loomer, When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream), No More Sorry, What You Want

The Sisters of Mercy - Alice, Dominion/Mother Russia, Lucretia My Reflection, This Corrosion, Temple of Love (1992 version), Walk Away, Black Planet, First And Last And Always, Driven Like The Snow, More, Heartland

Nirvana - Aneurysm, Smells Like Teen Spirit, School, About A Girl, Lithium, The Man Who Sold The World (unplugged Bowie cover), Dumb, You Know You're Right, Something In The Way

Devo - Blockhead, Strange Pursuit, Swelling Itching Brain, Smart Patrol/Mr.DNA, Jocko Homo, Whip It, Head Like A Hole (NIN cover obviously)

Tool - Prison Sex, AEnima, Lateralus, Schism, The Patient, Parabola

NIN - Happiness In Slavery, Head Like A Hole, Wish

Rammstein - Sonne, Sehnsucht, Amerika, Mein Teil, Du Hast, Feuer Frei!, Links 2 3 4

Pixies - Bone Machine, Alec Eiffel, Velouria, Planet Of Sound, Head On, Space (I Believe In), Allison, Down To The Well, Debaser

too many more to possibly list without sending everyone into a coma.... :roll:


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16 May 2005, 8:38 am

Oh wow-my favorite songs...OK, but it'll be a long list!

Anything by Amy Grant. My interest in her is now beyond obsession and I have always loved her music. But some of my very favorites by her are
Anywhere With Jesus
Doubly good to you
Love has a hold on me
Curious thing
I will be your friend
Nobody Home
Come be with me(If I had to choose one favorite, this would probably be it)
Out in the open
Innocence Lost
Good for me
How can we see that far
Father's Eyes
Carry You
My Father's World

Also, songs by other bands/artists

Burlap to Cashmere
Eileen's song
Chop Chop

Sixpence None the Richer
Kiss Me
Can't Catch You
There She Goes

Clay Aiken
When You Say You Love Me
I Will Carry You
Measure of a Man

Kasey Chambers
Barricades and Brickwalls

Sam Phillips
Open Our Eyes

Chris Rice
Everything's OK
Me & Becky
Questions for Heaven

Great Big Sea
Ordinary Day
General Taylor
End of the World
Chemical Workers' Song
Wave over Wave
Consequence Free
Can't Stop Falling
Old Brown's Daughter