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11 Mar 2007, 12:41 am

What are thos German Religous people called that build furniture?


-they seem to have the key to happy existance --thing is I saw a doco about thier kids, and how they get tempted by the outside world....

Falling behind the rest of society, is dreamy,,, but we do have to live in reality.

--Oh I brought the 14 year old thing up cause I saw a doco about how there is a community where all the males in the town have control over it and, marry off thier children, and have coitus with them,,, sort of like the Afghanies before civil society stepped in.

..maybe starting up a 'sub society' is dreamy ,and hippies and fundamentalist churches do it all the time,,,, but reality check - the world is a better place.

but as for another idea --- How about MARS? -we could biuld the sapce ship (A simsons episode is coming to mind) and fly off to the rpomised land!


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11 Mar 2007, 9:51 am

I have one that is perfect for a cat lover-the Siamese Internet Cat Club.


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11 Mar 2007, 2:54 pm

Inventor wrote:
I favor simple self government, let us make Alex King.

*gets elves ready to assassinate Alex so that I may take over right away*


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11 Mar 2007, 2:59 pm

Santa_Claus wrote:
Inventor wrote:
I favor simple self government, let us make Alex King.

*gets elves ready to assassinate Alex so that I may take over right away*

I had no idea Santa was an aspie!!
And a revolutionary, too!

I'm like an opening band for the sun.
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11 Mar 2007, 3:53 pm

asperion wrote:

Yes!! ! We ride to Minas Tirith!


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12 Mar 2007, 2:58 am

Santa is so lost, King Alex is a fictional charecter.

I do like the mountains, and the beach, and my site is near a major tech city.

My first thought was economics. A low cost startup that with the value added would be worth much more than the cost. Use is more important than value.

Being extra dino, it is my own retirement plan, and having the right neighbors is self protection.

Us dinos seek low overhead, for it beats eating dog food. A small trailer packed in a park in Florida or the southwest is not for me. Many retire in mexico, Central America, where they can afford to live, but in an alien culture.

A one bedroom, with porches, a walled garden and a puttering shed, studio, potters wheel, loom. A one rainbird garden, a 35 foot circle, with two foot of compost, will produce more than several can eat.

A village a walk away, for salt, grain, some yard chickens to keep the bugs down, and eggs, and basicaly set up so old age will not bring change. All one level, sun and shade to sit in.

A visiting nurse in a red velvet hooded cape who comes in a wicker cart pulled by a matched pair of white goats, bringing heavy food, medicine, and good cheer.

We bring our own economy. Ebay is good to me, we can do well with security and low overhead. Together we have a lot of knowhow. The adult world is our playground. We have learned a few things.

I thought of it before WP, it is something I have to plan.

The concept expands to vacation spots, tired of the world treating you like an aspie? Come to Aspie Acres and let us treat you like an Aspie.

With land and building material construction will be ongoing. I have village idiot covered but you can fit in somewhere. I need a bakery with good coffee.

Being all on a fiber optic network, with the skills about here, A Coders Cult, web content, there are a million of us here.

I like light manufacturing, because everything I make sells. We only have to be productive enough to live well, but we can do better. Security, low overhead, and wealth. My usual question, how do I pay for that and what can I get back from it?

From the village inn and cottage rentals we can tax visitors.

Plastic pipe is cheap and the water and sewer system will spread. We can grow without growing ugly.

Dinos are a solid base. I think there are many who would like to take a few months off from where they are, they can come and be fed, have a place to sleep, and pay for it by helping with the building.

Nutbag has long been confined by building codes, our concern is the building do not fall on our heads. There was a mason on WP, I know a bit about plants and civil engineering, I am sure others know more.

Dinos would make good country folk, the village will be a faster life. Several hundred people can live in a square mile, be more than self supporting, not crowded, yet close to social support. Major cities are just an hour away.

I do not know about everyone, I stay home. I am my work. The computer lets me sell to the world. I do need a place for UPS, Fedex, but that is about all. My factory has outgrown my house. Everything paid for it's self within a month, and keeps paying. I now want bigger tools, a plastic injection molding machine, it too will be paid off in a month.

That alone will create a dozen jobs. If you want to know how dumb humans can get, look at me. I have little to do with the world, avoid humans, yet create products it will take many people to manage. Worse yet, I am just getting good at it.

I like the mountains in mid summer, some like winter, I like the beach and water, but nothing all the time, I like change. I could not retire to Frostbite Falls, I need warm and dry, my old bones. As Dinos are most in need of a secure future, I think it the place to start. If we had one colony per 100,000 that would be ten in the US.

What I need now you whippersnappers of 40 will need in twenty years. In that time I will no longer need it.
The kiddies have no sense of time, but we can use that against them. They need identity and membership. They can build stone walls. Someday it will be there for them.

Compared to other groups our size, they have identity, common beliefs. I see none of that around here. AS is about all we have. We are as random as the whole population. We do have a range of opinion about everything. People in other groups can change, switch religions, join other politicical parties, but we cannot change what unites us. Switch meds, you are still in the club.

Once we get a foothold, we have a whole lot of people who will want to know how it is going. A web cam on the village green can bring them there. While they are looking we throw in a few ads for our exports. I would like to sell lots to those who think, I may need that someday. It would not be hard to layout a second village. cottages go up quickly, orchards take many years.

Dreams are nice, but it takes money, business, legal rights, and management to make things happen.

A two square mile ranch with house, shop, well, costs $1,000,000. Clearing, building, planting, a few hundred thousand more.

Aspies are ifffy, nothing I would bank on. It is business like any other, it has to pay. Ranch land is no longer profitable to own, the main industry is deer leases. It's main value is recreational land. It is too far out to commute, camp, dude ranch, retreat, are other uses. Better land, with creeks flowing through are available. As creeks and caves can not be added, such land costs more. Top of the market, commuteing distance, with creeks, the same couple of miles will cost $12,000,000.

Mark Twain said, "Buy land, they don't make it anymore."

We have several choices, rent money, find investors who for a set amount of return, an Index Fund, S&P, +1%, will invest in land, With terms that allow for the land to be improved, used, and resold. As most investors are seeking a safe haven, with a long run, the deal could be resolved over 10 years.

Renting $1,000,000 @ 6% will cost $60,000 a year, plus the principal. We cannot look to the land being worth more, because we do not want to sell it. Ten years rent is $600,000.

Investors are on the table. We do have to make the payments.

Selling land not owned, 100 plots at $10,000 with perhaps $1,000 down. That comes with a promise of water, sewer, and a cottage, to be built at a later date. It does bring in enough to buy the land, and start development. Those who can pay cash get the first cottages.

Land payments can be made, a down payment raised, and still have enough for development. 100 plots laid out around a village would use up several hundred acres, and still leave near 1000 acres for commons and a buffer to the world.

Counting the village, several people per plot, a population of 500-700. That is a lot of labor potential. We are in, and can build. The real money is in human economy. We all buy stuff, sell stuff, or labor, and even an aspie at $10,000 a year times 500, is $5,000,000.

A planned community, a planned economy. A year's labor is worth five times the land cost. Now we are ahead of the game. Everything we consume is marked up through a supply chain, buying for 500 takes over that markup. Production for domestic consumption reduces cost.

Freehold is the goal, land and buildings paid for, clear title. Local production and consumption without outside markup, or tax. A garden and chicken coop is near free and endless food.

We all have something we do in the world, at the lowest retired on SSI, others work part time, or off and on, some regular, some buy and sell, and some make. In groups this income is a large number. When we spend it now it is gone, at Aspie Acres it is transfered to another aspie, then another, and like the poverbial "Bad Penny", back to you.

Human labor, or existance, brings in money, keeping it and making it grow is the trick. Villages have long existed for they are wealth magnifiers. It is cheaper for the country folk to buy from the village, and it is a place to sell their surplus. It connects to the outer world. They are a buyers club.

A small village with a good export, brings in a stream of money. Villages support a mill, both grain and lumber. They produce jobs, and the money goes around and around. When many small ventures do the same, much changes hands in the village, and much is drawn in from the outside.

The village works. The Internet is a new market, it supports me. I sell knowledge. It is the information age. The Tech Village has new means and new products. Lot of Coders around here. Lot of artists. Digital exports is a new world.

Closer to home I do like jam, jelly, with my toast. A village supports several jam makers. We must have a baker, for I love fresh real bread, and a village might have several bakers. I like to eat out sometimes. Those in the village buy their eggs and veggies from the country folk. You do not need money to shop. Barbers, hair stylists, need only a few customers.

From a thousand acre common comes corn, beans, field crops, chicken food, orchards, berry bushes, my study says olives. A greenhouse and nursury, ornamentals, a cutting, wait three years, an export. a thousand trees, 144 to the acre. Apples will grow there.

I am a Morlock, my machines produce exports to keep the Eloie. They are children who seem to never grow up, but in time they become Morlocks. Morlock did diapers, provided clothes, built the shelters, put food on the table. Eloie wander about and stare at nothing. The man from the past got it wrong, sometimes you have to round them up for a flea bath, a trim, do their nails, teeth, check them for disease, dress them in clean clothes, and put them back in the pasture. The man from the past never saw the children, the sick, injured, the old, the pregnant, for they cannot take care of themselves, and Morlock runs nursuries, hospitals, gardens, green houses. These Eloie are a lot of work to keep.

Once we asked them what they wanted for lunch, two hours later they were still thinking about it. Never say, what, when, where, why, around them, it jams the mental gears. Like wolves they know time, it is now. Later it will be now. Come, go, eat, they understand.

"You can teach a pig to dance, but it will never be good at it, and that will make it unhappy."

Eloie are such a problem that people will pay you to keep them. Drugging their food makes it easier to give them a flea bath. When they awake the next dawn, they are clean, other Eolie are about, they go out and spend the morning staring at a tree. They have no memory, it is now, they are clean, there is a tree.

The horn of good calls them, it leads them to food, calls them in out of the rain, brings them to shelter for the night. Sometimes it calls them through the doors, a thick sweet smoke calms them, oil in the ears kills ticks, hair is trimmed, a nice warm flea bath, rinsed, groomed, nails and teeth cleaned, dressed in clean clothes they are released, and follow another horn of good to food and shelter.

Contented cows give the best milk. Trees grow to timber in the time it takes to raise an Eloie. It takes forty years to even begin Morlock training. Some are forever Eloie, some become Morlock early. We barely raise enough to replace Morlocks. I would quit but I know nothing else. Besides, it is now.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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12 Mar 2007, 4:46 am

i think heven is like a library a big library with all things writen, filmed, painted and made and you can read and sleep and do what you want :lol:


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12 Mar 2007, 9:45 am

I hope Heaven is like the Rainbow Bridge, where pet lovers can be reunited with their animal friends who preceded them in death. I anticipate a big reunion.