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07 Oct 2020, 1:54 pm

AuroraBorealisGazer wrote:
^ weirdly enough I'm partial to wired bras because for me they feel more secure. Though, sometimes they bother my ribs.

Curious how much you tend to spend per pair of underwear? I have major sensory issues with underwear. I probably spend between $5-12 per pair and think I've tried just about every style ever made. They all seem to bother me in different ways. They ride up and don't stay in place, the edges around the legs rub or constrict my skin, they're too tight down there, the fabric pulls hair, etc cetera. It drives me crazy.

Sometimes I see pairs that are $20-30 and I wonder if they are actually any better? I tend to prefer spending a bit more to get quality items, but I guess with underwear I've been hesitant because I don't know at what point it just becomes needlessly over priced.

I spend about $8 per pant, but a little more for bras ($15ish?). I've bought very expensive bras in the past ($50) and didn't even end up wearing them much.

Bras: I like Intimate Portal wireless front zip bras (found them on amazon). They are only listed for A cup and B cup (US sizes). Honestly I'm smaller than an A cup, and I find them comfortable. So I would only recommend these bras if you happen to be fairly flat chested.

These bras run around $14-$17 each I think...

As an aside, I think my lack of cleavage may also contribute to why underwire irritates me so much. With hardly any "fatty" tissue in the region, the wire just rubs against me and makes a scar.

Previously I purchased the $50 wireless bras from VS but I haven't worn them since I discovered Intimate Portal.

I also bought $20 wireless bras from Walmart, but they are too big and don't secure me...

Pants: I have bought VS panties, but they fit me a little weird and the elastic tends to wear out after about 12 months of use.

My favorite pant now is Charter Club (which I think is a Macys brand). Their website is destitute, though, it's better to find a brick and mortar store if you can.

I go one size up and get the cotton bikini, because I hate tight panties and I have a kinda large rear end that I prefer full coverage on.... the style of elastic on this pant is not restrictive, it's a thin band in a lacy pattern.

They come in different colors and prints and around the holidays I can usually find ones with sparkly thread woven in :lol:

I try to catch them on the 5 for $30 sale. I think otherwise they are $8 each.

Another idea: I have heard that European sizes are more incremental and therefore more accurate than US sizes, so it may also be worth checking out some European brands. (I haven't gone this route yet, but I've read reviews of women who swear by it).

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07 Oct 2020, 3:16 pm

^ So much good info :mrgreen:

I like the sound of the portal bra because for some reason I imagine being futuristic :lol:. If I were a cup smaller I could try it. I tend to get Calvin Klein bras when I can find them at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack, since they're usually under $20 there (normally more expensive at regular retail stores). I really need to get some new ones, but I've been holding out for good deals (for no good reason really, since I'm perfectly happy to buy fun and unnecessary items :lol: ).

I used to get all of my underwear from VS during their sales. Lately I've been noticing a change in quality from ~15 years ago. I have days where I'll change pairs 3 or 4 times because nothing is comfortable.

I have been getting a range of sizes (XS to M) just to have options for days when everything is too tight, or other times when it won't stop moving.

In my internet searches I've found a brand, that's said to be really good, called Commando. Their panties are ~$30 8-O. I've been curious to try them but I hate to spend that much on panties that may suck :lol: .

I like the laser cut panties because they have no seams around the legs, but the have cons. I've been trying to find more with bonded seams because they have the benefit of no seams, but also stay in place better, but they're hard to find.

Of course now I've been reading that underwear (or at least the liner?) should be 100% cotton, so I've been stressing over whether what I'm getting is unhealthy in that respect. :scratch: So few pairs are purely cotton.

I'll look into Charter Club. We don't have Macy's in my state (crazy, I know :lol: ) but maybe I can find other stuff to order from them to make it worthwhile.

Okay I've rambled enough :) .


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08 Oct 2020, 1:14 pm

Yes they rub against my legs and leave little bumps around me all over and it makes me itch then I have to scratch because it itches so bad. And I usually get the 5 for $20 pair of underwear at target; and I was looking into sports bras and I was wondering if a lot of spandex in it would help with bars even if it’s wireless I always have to keep pulling it down and stretching it out because it feels too short and feels like it will ride up so if I pull it down it feels looser and feels like it won’t ride up on me.


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22 Oct 2020, 2:41 pm

It's funny cause my most comfortable type of panties is a thong I prefer my bum cheeks uncovered and just the material as long as it's not super tight it's most comfy for me


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22 Oct 2020, 5:55 pm

I don't mind wearing a bra. My breasts are small but I still wouldn't feel right going out without wearing a bra. In fact I don't even feel right getting dressed but not wearing a bra, if I'm not going out. I used to even wear a bra in bed when I had a job where I had to get up early in the morning, so that I could just put my shirt straight on as soon as I got out of bed.

I'm assuming panties are American for underpants (or knickers)? I can't not wear underpants! Even in bed I have to wear underpants because I keep thinking that if I don't wear any underpants and I have one of those dreams where I'm going to the toilet, my brain might be tricked into actually peeing in my sleep. I believe that the wearing of underpants in my sleep prevents me from peeing. My dreams are pretty vivid and can seem so real.

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