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23 Dec 2014, 2:08 am

I don't know if I posted something like this before, but I mostly want to know if they're more tolerant to aspies or not much. Or easier being there or what not. Or if that even matters or not.
Basic background is, I'm a Filipino who never went outside the country yet. This another factor too, that I would want to know. (How they treat certain foreigners there, etc. regarding/regardless being an aspie or not)

First thing is, I want to know what was like in Las Vegas, Nevada. (I don't know where exactly there, but yes, somewhere in U.S.)
I'm curious because my dad works there (as another OFW), and he doesn't get what aspergers is, so it's useless to ask him. There's a tiny chance that I might become an OFW myself, even tho very unlikely anytime soon.

Then, I would like to know what was like in California as well. Specifically somewhere at Napa. Since I have some cousins living (and was born) there. Yet, they don't know what aspergers is either, so...

Anyways, I can't 'choose' to go between the two. I'm still unlikely to get out of the country. I'm just really, really curious what was like to live there.
My relatives only gives me a 'tourist' answers, not how would it be like to live there and/or live there as an aspie. :(

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