The trans brigade has been stymieing discussion on the left

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10 Jan 2015, 11:49 am

An example:

There has to be something better. Or, it could be that left leaning people are just too afraid to speak out for fear of being branded “transphobic”. Anti-war, left-leaning Robert Jensen was viciously attacked for just writing an article stating that there are ethical implications involved in transitioning children, and suggesting that radical feminists might have a better vision for the future than the current dogma and belief system surrounding gender. There is nothing at all offensive in this article, but transgender activists demanded that book stores stop selling Jensen’s books. It’s terrifying and disgraceful what they did to this gentle, peaceful man. I think it’s safe to say much of the left is browbeaten into submission. The left used to stand for the free expression of ideas, but the way it stands right now, people are crucified for speaking out against anything that is the least bit trans/gender critical. How can drugging and sterilizing children with puberty suppressing drugs and/or hormones ever be a good thing, but we have to keep our mouths shut. ... ment-47216

And where are the mainstream reports on what exactly this Allison Woolbert monster did? It's either total silence or dance-around-the-bush.

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10 Jan 2015, 12:14 pm

Allison Woolbert is the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, an expert national software development firm, and founder of the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal. At first glance, she seems to be concerned with keeping track of people who commit violence against trans-people. This is sort of like the registry that police keep on sex offenders.

Not a bad idea, but every link I have clicked on for her "Transgender Violence Tracking Portal" comes back with a "404 Not Found" error.

Another disturbing trend seems to be "Definition Creep" in the trans-community to include non-violent forms of hostility, rejection, and even indifference toward trans-people under the "Hate Crime" umbrella.

Surely, a noble cause to begin with, but people who are not 100% supportive of transgender issues may feel intimidated into silence by the mere threat of being put on this (apparently non-existent) registry.

This leads me to wonder how Ms. Wollbert's supporters would respond to a cartoonist creating images of trans-people in less-than-complimentary situations.

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10 Jan 2015, 12:45 pm

I have missed the part where it became a left(ish) thing, I see narcistic consumerism at demand.