Any good sources I should look at for research? Also, club

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11 Jan 2015, 9:41 am

Hi there,

I'm brand-new on WP, and I noticed that many people post interesting statistics, attributes about neurotypicality (ex. Neurotypical people 'sensing' autism and feeling deviance towards it), and other information.

Where can I get this info? I wish to actually see these sources myself before I post anything because, honestly, I do not know very much about my condition of HFA (previously AS, but officially integrated to HFA with DSM-V), and I want to do research. I've been reading a book on basic neuroscience among ASDs. Are there any Canadian studies that one can point me to?

I also wish to make a club at my University dedicated to teaching the public more about autism and how we try to manage it, and perhaps form a coalition of clubs of different mental conditions (critique me on my choice of words). I have attempted in the past to make such a club by seeking out people with an autism diagnosis, but zero people wanted to join.

Any suggestions? This stuff is VERY confusing to me.

Thanks :)