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25 Jan 2016, 4:31 pm

My first of image of "nature" is trees.

What is “nature”? What is not?

a tree = nature
a tree fallen because of the storm = still nature?
a tree transformed into a river dam by a castor = nature?
a tree cut by a woodcutter and becoming a furniture = nature ?
a sheet of paper coming out of the printer = nature?

Maybe "nature" is the expression of our lost connection with our initial habitat which we transformed into something more comfortable but that doesn't respond anymore to some of our human instinctive needs.

Interesting question :)


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25 Jan 2016, 11:28 pm

naturalplastic: I could define "culture" but I couldnt define "nature"-EXCEPT-by saying that it is "everything not man made". But then if I said THAT-then I couldnt claim that "human culture is a subset of nature"

Perhaps just as an anthill/termite mound, or spider's web, or bird's nest is still considered part of nature, so are the artifacts of humans? But because *we* made them we consider our artifacts to be fundamentally different...

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