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19 Jan 2015, 10:34 pm

My "friend" recently lost her phone in a dumpster or something stupid like that but we don't really know where it is. I can't phone her because she doesn't have phone service. Plus If I don't find it she'll stop being my friend. Do you know if there's some tricks or apps to help find a lost android?

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23 Jan 2015, 3:59 am

google has a "find my phone" option.
if the phone has a small trinkle of network connection or active GPS, it can activate the GPS antenna, sound and vibrate remotely, and give a location that is accurate to a few meters.
if there is no service whatsoever and the GPS is off (or simply a fully dead battery), you are out of luck, unfortunately.

if there is service in the area, but not of your provider, and the phone is still on, you can get a decent location as well (~100 meters accurate) from antenna triangulation using that service.

it all depends on the battery though, so using this ASAP is recommended, once the battery dies, you got only a few hours of 'life support' for the passive network antenna left to get a clue on the location