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22 Jan 2015, 12:39 pm

So I just started going to a 2 year college for a Web Development program. This 2 year college has dorms in which I'm living in. I'm far away from home (1,300 miles), but I chose to go here because I have a lot of extended family here, and my brother goes to the school as well.

Ever since a graduated high school in 2011, things have been all over the place for me. Right after, I went to trade school to become a HVAC technician. That all worked out, and I got a good job in the field, but after 13 months I quit and decided to go to community college. I quit that job because I was tired of commuting 2 or more hours a day, and subconsciously, I think I was having a hard time dealing with the social aspect of it, and working with other people so intimately. So I went to school for less then two months before I quit school as well. I had a really hard time concentrating living in my parents house for some reason.

After that I got another job in the HVAC field. After 7 months, I was starting to not be able to handle the social aspects of the job again. People just think that I'm awkward and quiet, and it just makes me uncomfortable being the outcast for an extended period of time. Riding around in a truck with someone for an hour, and then working closely with them all day and having absolutely nothing to say, I'm sure is very awkward for them, and eventually becomes too much for me to handle.

Now I'm back in school, this time in a dorm. The first week went pretty good, my roommate is nice, and I was getting schoolwork done, but now I'm starting to get flustered. I barley have anything to say to my roommate, or anyone for that matter, including my brother. And I know people are starting to just think I'm awkward and unsociable. Two of my four classes are online, and I just unknowingly took an exam thinking is was just a practice thing, and I completely f****d that up. It's just starting to weigh down on me again. I like being out of my parents house, I just don't like living with other people, I want to be alone!

Now I just don't know what to do. :?

Tufted Titmouse
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22 Aug 2019, 2:36 am

The main reason for the emergence and implementation of automation is free time. The processes performed by people and the processes performed by programs managemart differ significantly from each other not only in the speed of the task (I think it’s not worth mentioning that it takes minutes to prepare the programs, while managers do that days and nights) Automated processes are better and do not require additional costs (after all, an employee has to be paid for the work done).