Your guesses for the world 15 years from now.

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07 Feb 2015, 9:31 pm

15 years hence-

Drug use down 50% - rebellion against the previous generation
Literacy down 50% - technology dumbs down the majority
Numeracy down 80% - increased reliance on devices
Science work down 60% - 'fun' is more popular than 'adventure'
Marriage down 60% - long relationships becoming unfashionable
Unemployment at 15% - technology making people redundant
Average income up 30% due to total wealth increasing
Mean income down 30% due to majority either unemployed or on low income
Religion polarizes as people migrate away from their theosophical opposites
Xenophobia up 40% as less people travel and groups cling to their own
Internet communities dissolve into lobby groups
Internet lobby groups dissolve into advertisers
Internet entertainment delivery overtakes other uses
China struggles to manage its prosperity

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08 Feb 2015, 12:25 am

Here is some optimism.

Narratives will be tailored by corporations to fit individual psychological profiles and every facet of digital media will be subtly altered to bring about certain responses in individuals. Trolls will also do this. As a result, negative experiences associated with consuming digital media including books and movies will educe the popularity of paper bookstores and libraries, along with hard copy video stores.