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18 Feb 2015, 7:43 pm

My son is almost 7 he has aspergers he was been since birth medically since he was 3 on meds since he was 4 . I am now at a point where they (doctors) want to change meds due to home and school issues aka battles , stress not just mine but my sons he breaks down every day just because he has to go to school due to math just talking about it makes him turn red with anxiety literally red . I mean no kid really likes school and m son used to wine but go and be ok well ok for him but now it consumes him and are whole family. Daily things are so hard in my house hold sometimes . The school is a whole other topic they are not helping with report such behaviors that are important for a plan that works for my son. I mean 4 months ago was great everything normal well here in this house kind of normal. Im at a lose for how far back we have come its like starting all over and my son is stuck in the middle confused therapy here dr appt there he has gotten to where he don't want to leave the house my heart breaks for him and im not sure I have the answers for him anymore


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18 Feb 2015, 7:46 pm

Hi there,

It seem as if you're "at the end of your rope."

I believe you might get even more responses if you posted exactly the same thing in the Parent's Forum. There are people there who are quite experienced with the frustrations of raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Excellent advice is just around the corner!

I think you'll get some responses here as well.