PLEASE HELP zeros/functions/multiplicity/multiple 0's

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05 Mar 2015, 5:42 pm

Can someone please help or direct me: I'm trying to do Algebra 2 high school level.
Here's an example: y=(x-5)^3 thanks :(


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05 Mar 2015, 10:53 pm

Always helps me to look at the function's graph. is great for this. Here's the graph of your example.


Here you can clearly see that the zero of this function - the point at which the graph crosses the x axis - is 5.

Is there something in particular you're struggling with?

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07 Mar 2015, 8:50 am

You might find this Khan Academy video helpful:

You can find this in a sequence on factoring and roots of higher degree polynomials, itself a part of a sequence on polynomials and rationals functions on the Khan Academy website. Sal Khan is not a perfect teacher, but the explanations are generally pretty good. He's better than my teachers were! ... real-zeros