The discord in the American political climate

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27 Apr 2015, 10:55 am

Regarding the first link and its You-Tube links of the following... &
...I have to ask why it wants to be so on-sided in its presentation and not permit other users to comment ?
I generally want to read the comments that other users have posted in response to these kinds of videos in order to get a more "unbiased" perspective than the information that comes from "main-stream" sources.

Further down, another You-Tube video is included, also not permitting comments, but the thumbs (generally indicating whether the audience agrees with the video or its title or not) shows 2029 liked to 3444 disliked.

I accept its explanation below the video that there could be some delays with the video-feed in the back-ground view behind the reporter (the video-feed not actually being "live" but rather having a delayed transfer similarly to how callers on a radio are either pre-recorded or slight-delayed in order to "beep" out any taboo-words they might be using during their phone-conversations over a public-radio).

How-ever, that is also largely because I am aware of video-editing technologies being in existence that allow for you to make even your own house look like it's being burnt down in a fire into nothing but a crispy rubble, even if it's remain completely unscathed in reality. Currently, I am not completely willing to accept any account from any source, because I'm not entirely convinced that there isn't some kind of manipulation on all fronts, with potentially "manufactured evidence" at all corners, that may perhaps have been "planted" for the sake of fooling both the official/government-officials as well as all of the so-called conspiracy theorists (but when I bother to attempt to compare the two or more different opinions, official and various non-official, I ultimately take into consideration: Who stands to make the most amount of money out of what just happened & are there any researchers who've managed to uncover any evidence that has pointed to such information of any particular individuals gaining benefit ? I'm not going to bother doing a search right this minute on the money-trail as I do have a kind of schedule to tend to but I'll see what comes up later after I finish my other errands).

The_Walrus wrote:

Not even going to bother commenting on NIST since many sources just don't find it very convincing with many questions that simply aren't actually covered or touched upon in its report(s). Also because the 9/11 debacle of everyone trying to argue one so-called fact or another is like a bunch of fundamentalists trying to gain converts into their own brand of world-viewing. I don't care to adopt beliefs, but I do like to study the phenomenon of human-behaviours, and absorbing everyone's information & perspectives through such data-gathering helps me understand why people choose to adhere or follow one belief or source or story or another. Regardless... I absolutely have a lot of Respect for General/President/Leader/Hero Putin...

One of the commenters to said video mentioned this...
Anteye Itanimulli wrote:
This is nice and all, but we don't need "Putin's evidence". We have plenty available to anyone who wishes to look. We HAVE satellite pictures showing the dust debris floating up into the atmosphere to the point of being visible from space - indicating extremely fine dust that continued to break down, and in immense quantities. AKA The majority of the buildings turned to dust, and dust in the ultra-fine range which neither gravity or controlled demolition are capable of producing. We have EVIDENCE that advanced weapons were used to turn the majority of those buildings into fine dust through a process most accurately described as molecular dissociation. Directed energy weapon. We have the seismograph readings, the dust sample analysis, the videos, the pictures of the over 1,400 cars that had melted insides, missing engines, missing handles, while other parts of the cars (which "spontaneously combusted" according to eye witnesses) remained untouched or degraded to the point of extreme rust.

So yeah, as I'm curious as to what this "evidence" was, it's hardly necessary since we have so much evidence as it is. What could he possibly have? This stinks of disinfo to high-heaven.

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27 Apr 2015, 1:00 pm

beneficii wrote:
Also, I do notice that by calling people "sheeples" and crap, it seems to be a way for conspiracy theorists to themselves feel "superior" to "normal people," as they have all this "forbidden knowledge" that just goes over the stupid, doomed, and damned "sheeples'" heads.

It is called "true believer syndrome".


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29 Apr 2015, 9:25 am

Jacoby wrote:
GoonSquad wrote:
0_equals_true wrote:
GoonSquad wrote:
Umm, I'd say yes, it was much better (more moderate) in the 50s because people were a whole lot more reasonable back then and the two parties were MUCH closer in ideologies.

Communist witch trials, mass surveillance program, state sponsored propaganda, implied religification of state, jim crow, lack of universal suffrage, etc.

Okay, the topic has to do with lack of political cooperation, not the prevalence of backward notions...

HOWEVER, since you mentioned it, I'd say that, with the exception of commie witch trials, all that stuff is still a problem in the US.
Just ask the NSA about mass surveillance... or the folks in Ferguson about jim crow and all the southern states with voter id laws about suffrage. :roll:
Ask the LGBTs in my state what they think about the new law that prohibits cities from enacting civil rights ordinances to protect their rights.

Ask my black neighbors what they think about this silly fuckery. ... -same-day/

Honestly, your post seems ill-thought out and just plain silly.

If I had more time, I'd play. But, its semester's end and I have projects to finish.

So, we'll have to pick this up later...

Yeah, but could you argue that any of those things were better in the 50s?

Well, no. But that's not the point or the topic of this thread.

The point is, in the 50s there were CONSERVATIVE Democrats who supported jim crow and LIBERAL Republicans who supported the civil rights movement. In the 50s there was a lot more common ground politically, and therefore a lot more political collaboration between the parties.

That's not to say that there weren't a lot of regressive, backward notions in the 50s, and it doesn't deny that there were a some very strong and heated disagreements.

I'm just pointing out that in the 50s everything wasn't red or blue. There was a lot of purple too.

Today, everything is red or blue and many politicians support or oppose an issue simply based on what the presindent supports or opposes and what party they belong to.

When Bush was in power and supported immigration reform, many republicans supported it and many democrats opposed it.

Now that Obama is pushing for immigration reform, many in congress have flipped positions just because of the president and his party affiliation.

These days many people use party affiliation and its expanded, all encompassing ideology as an excuse not to think critically anymore.

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29 Apr 2015, 10:55 am


That's interesting and Rockefeller Republicans are another good example of the more moderate past of the Republicans, at least.

Patriarchy has been falling hard since Obama is elected President; and egalitarianism starts stronger in the Clinton Administration, felled, ironically, by the liberal sexual behavior of Clinton that knows little boundaries.

Fear is the greatest motivator for polarized sides to go stronger; and certainly for a repressive and oppressive general patriarchal nature against women, disabilities, minorities, gays, and all the perceived weak of the world; THE FEARS ARE COMING TRUE NOW; AS THOSE folks are gaining prominence in the National Spot-LIGHT, GREATER and greater; particularly with the 'spector' of Gay Marriage coming this Summer or so with THAT SUPREME COURT DECISION;

AND Hillary waiting in 'WHITE HOUSE WINGS' TO BE THE first female president.

To me the greatest issue is cultural change; and that part, in part for greater freedom of information and a global hive mind generated by the Internet, IT, connections of the world, will definitely make Egalitarianism against Patriarchy the global 'war' to come for the foreseeable future, as we are dealing with human nature at the core of conservative and liberal inherent genetics, and the war of the sexes; the war that will never end as long as we are different and unique in ways as human being.

Vanilla is an answer that does not work for me;

SO I too fight on for freedom, as different and unique can be.

And the bright side of that is that the world is increasingly acceptable of different as same is becoming the NEW UNIQUE NOW; except in boring politics; where folks are trying to hold on desperately to the POWER OF A FAST CHANGING MUCH BIGGER WORLD THAT WILL SOONER OR LATER OVERRIDE THE WILL OF 'SMALLER' MEN AND WOMEN; who can no longer
enforce their desires of POWER through illusory fears, and the like, of HOLDING FOLKS BACK FROM FREEDOMS that MOST HUMANS thrive better ON when more freely allowed.

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