Aspie mom, Dyslexic dad & ADHD daughter

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05 May 2015, 12:35 am

skydancer wrote:
We have been in therapy for around 3 years. It was that therapist that realized I may have Aspergers and encouraged me to be tested. From there, I eventually was able to find a psych experienced in autism & have been going since January & working on improving executive functioning skills. He is losing patience with it all and is just sick of the chaos. The more he is rigid & harsh, the more dysfunctional I become. We were quite compatible at first & very in love. He was very passive though and instead of addressing this right away, he let it go. We don't communicate well and have difficulty working together as he takes a condescending tone which I instantly tune out. To him, I am being lazy & disrespectful (not the case at all). He also does this to our daughter. He states that if I stay with him I have to basically do as he says, he is not willing to compromise on anything. I do want to remain with him, yet don't want to keep living in such a rigid world or parent that way. It is really just a mess. I tend to live in a fantasy world most of the time so it is very difficult to come to terms with. I really never developed a great support system where we live plus it gets cold a lot so I will likely have to move. I think that is what is overwhelming me, but perhaps it will turn out OK.

Great answers.

I think you know how this is going to end, but it is too painful to face(understandably). As a result, you phase in and out of various degrees of denial. This just proves that you are a normal human, in a great deal of pain. I wish this were not so. :(

Inaction builds up greater and greater levels of suffering.

It is action(even small steps) which brings relief, and growth.

This is very easy to say, but MUCH harder to live through.

The fear of leaving paralyzes the mind, procrastination settles in for the long haul.

Thoughts of "It's me who must change, not him" "If only I was better, more of this or that"

The mind tortures itself.

I assure you I know whereof I speak.

and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD to act......Pheeeewwww!

but you are in therapy and growing.......and that is HUGE :!: :!: :!: