medical ID Bracelets-to write Asperger's Syndrome or autism?

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26 Feb 2017, 4:20 pm

AspieUtah wrote:
After some extensive research about this idea, I believe that the nonprofit organization Crisis Intervention Team Inc. (CIT Inc.) of Albuquerque, N.M., ( ) does a great job in creating an Alert/ID card that relies on specific tailored information for each person ... for just $10.00!

For such an affordable price, it might just be a good idea to have one, just in case.

I had to bump this up a bit. I just finished buying two copies of my disability alert card. Ordering my CARE Cards was very easy and affordable. The web site described easily how to choose a card, define the information on the card, view the draft card (with ability to make last-minute changes), approve the card, and pay the invoice all online!

Diagnosed in 2015 with ASD Level 1 by the University of Utah Health Care Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic using the ADOS-2 Module 4 assessment instrument [11/30] -- Screened in 2014 with ASD by using the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre AQ (Adult) [43/50]; EQ-60 for adults [11/80]; FQ [43/135]; SQ (Adult) [130/150] self-reported screening inventories -- Assessed since 1978 with an estimated IQ [≈145] by several clinicians -- Contact on by private message (PM)