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02 Jun 2015, 3:31 am

Thank you for responding. It seems that the people who responded to this thread are rather health conscious. The three people who responded most recently all use olive oil in a commonly recommended way. Coconut oil and ghee (which used to be said to be simply unhealthy) are also recommended for high-temperature cooking in some websites.

I love the taste of sesame oil, too. Yeah, it's nice in a noodle soup. But some websites say it's too processed and we should avoid it. It's a bit of a shock to me. I always thought sesame oil was healthy. I guess it might depend on how it's extracted. I need to read a bit more about it.

I tried (cold pressed extra virgin) avocado oil recently as it is said to be one of the few healthy oils. I just poured it on my salad. It definitely tasted nice but I couldn't really tell it was avocado.