I just bought 'The Definitive Book of Body Language' book.

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12 May 2005, 2:13 am

hey thanks for complimenting my writing style! i think its the way in which i write a post or an article - people have said to me that my writing style is exciting (just read my psychosis article for an example!) i think this is due to my simple mind - ie i get amused by very small things and i make them more exciting than they deserve to be!

anyways, yes you have also picked up that i do tend to talk about the psych ward heaps! it changed my life SOOO much that i talk to people either before the ward period or after the ward period! i mean if a place can convert a really quiet shy girl who has been shielded from bad to be a totally open loudmouth who speaks her mind and who isnt afraid of anyone! well well! i think the psych ward deserves lots of mentions in my post! that place just TOTally changed me - mainly due to the fact that the types of people in there were the ones i was shielded from - druggos, pple cutting themselves up, criminals, drug dealers all 'baaaad' people like taht... as i say for me -

LIFE BEGINS AT 20 - not 40!! !! !
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