Nice Guys, nice guys, alpha males, nice girls, and feminists

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10 Jun 2015, 1:50 pm

Who_Am_I wrote:
Gauldoth wrote:
goldfish21 wrote:
Gauldoth wrote:
goldfish21 wrote:
Gauldoth wrote:
And if there were any doubts that you're only here to try and sell a political agenda, this comment should be all it takes to disperse them.

If I'm here to sell any particular agenda then I choose the gay agenda..

1.) First we take your most delicious meal; brunch.
2.) TBD..

*fap* *fap* *fap*

Look, kid, just give up, will you? Aspergers are rationalists by nature, they're not gonna fall for your PC bs, and they're certainly not gonna act as grunts/footsoldiers for your cause like so many other low-status, disgruntled males have been so eager to do in the past. :roll:


*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* :roll:

I see you're accusing people of masturbating over in this thread too.



He's masturbating over a bunny.


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12 Jun 2015, 1:03 am

The problem is no matter how hard nice guys try to get attention online, feminists are always going to rise to the top of every search engine, because feminists have been whining 24/7 about nice guys for the last decade.


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12 Jun 2015, 2:36 am

I started a thread about the whole thing recently, then didn't get a chance to get back online to post in it till just now. Nothing interesting there though, really.

I do think that lots of people use those labels to blame other people for their own problems though. I'm a "nice guy" and all the "alpha males" get the girls so I'm SOL type of thinking. Who knows. I always felt that way about very pretty girls, even though I had mine and two other girls share of dates back in the day. Nobody is ever really satisfied with themself and you always wish you could do something you can't, so that's just life I guess.

I'm giving it another shot. We will see.
My forum is still there and everyone is welcome to come join as well. There is a private women only subforum there if anyone is interested. Also, there is no CAPTCHA. ;-)

The link to the forum is