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04 Jun 2015, 1:59 am

My specs
dell optiplex 990
core i5 2400
4gb ram
250gb hdd
geforce 210

I got this machine not long ago ex government system i think.
what is it capable of running
even suggest some upgrades!

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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04 Jun 2015, 3:20 am

With the nature of having Asperger's Syndrome it would be hard to represent the exact quantification of what your computer is capable of doing. Although you have a dedicated GPU(Your GeForce GTX 210) it is severely outdated;I'd highly recommend you update your GPU to something like GTX 770 or 760Ti or even a mid-level AMD 7000series GPU. With the current GPU I'd suspect that it would be outperformed by many modern day in-CPU graphics processing units. Along with the graphics card I'd recommend you upgrade you RAM to 8gb as it is extremely affordable now a days. Because of the nature of the modern parts they require a higher power input to operate optimally. I was not able to find the exact wattage and voltage the stock Optiplex 990 comes with so I recommend you also upgrade it so something around a 750W PSU. If you are also planning on storing important documents I'd also recommend you purchase a new hard drive as the mileage on the current one is most likely unknown so the current hard drive could stop at any moment. Because this whole uplift would be a pricey investment I'd recommend that you have someone with computer experience put it all together. Another option would be to purchase something like along the lines of a Lenovo Y40-80(high performance laptop). I hope I helped you out with your question if you would like links to recommended products, as the majority are manufactured by different companies, feel free to ask.