Bar Mitzvah for children with autism in Israel causing feud

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06 Jul 2015, 1:16 pm wrote:
Earlier in May we reported about a looming feud between Rehovot's mayor and Masorti leaders who run a local school for special needs children.

The conflict stemmed from a Bar Mitzvah which the school officials supposedly planned for its special needs students. The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place at a Conservative synagogue, which angered one of the students' Orthodox parents, who seemed to have took the matter up to the city mayor -- who, in turn, indirectly ordered a stop to the planned ceremony.... "Bar Mitzvah for children with autism in Israel causing feud between mayor and school officials" (July 4, 2015)
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Is this about bragging rights, or is the schism between conservative and orthodox sects? To me, it seems like adults fighting for their own egos while kids (who apparently get along together) are kicked around to score points.

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