Plenty of Young People Out There Condemn Drugs

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21 Jul 2015, 8:59 am

ooOoOoOAnaOoOoOoo wrote:
Thing about heroin is, it's very addictive, so if they can market someone through a couple of doses they don't really like that much

Who says they don't really like it that much? I think you are confusing the comedown with the high.

It sounds like you don't believe there really is a high, that the experience is uniformly unpleasant. Your friend's anecdote about huddling in a corner does not mean the experience is uniformly unpleasant. It could be either that he personally didn't experience the pleasant high because he got a tainted batch (no FDA regulation) or that he was describing the comedown and you thought he was describing the entire experience from start to finish.

That it was taboo in your high school and mine is also not evidence that it never feels good. Taboos often are for some things that do feel good but are avoided for various reasons. Heroin fits that because...

-although there is an enjoyable high, the post-high consequences seemed worse* than for other drugs

-heroin in my day, perhaps in yours, wasn't mainstream and so there was no way to get it without at least some interaction with drug dealers far scarier than pot dealers. If that has changed in the intervening years, it might in part explain how it got more popular.

*For anybody who wants to argue about worse consequences for other drugs, you are absolutely right. Drunk driving deaths must exceed heroin overdose deaths even though I haven't trawled for statistics. But in high school perception, which created the taboo, the consequences were worse. Whether they were in reality didn't affect the taboo.


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21 Jul 2015, 9:57 am

There is also the question of the dose. A theraputic dose, like is still administered in uk hospitals, is probably much lower than a recreational dose.