Middle-aged with AS and making new friends

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01 Aug 2015, 2:55 pm

This has got to be the hardest situation for me: I'm in my 40s with AS and want to make new friends. Not just a one-off have a beer with someone and never see again. Someone close to where I live and can have a regular chat with.

The challenge is at my age the people I meet have jobs, kids, and a marriage along with the time commitments that go wit those. I'm in a long-term relationship but no kids, no pets. This makes it hard to make friends because in the suburbs, everyone's lives are about their spouses and kids. That means who ever I've tried to start a new friendship with doesn't have the time to develop the friendship.

I would like to make more friends with AS within my age range but I'm finding it difficult. I'm pretty desperate. All I want to have is someone I can have a coffee with or hang out with on a regular basis that lives close to where I live. Not finding it.