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08 Aug 2015, 8:36 pm

Hi all

There doesn't appear to be any recent discussion about this, and I would like to get the aspie/autistic point-of-view: what the experience was like, if it can lead to success, and any advice that might be helpful.

I recently found out about a local speed dating event, and something possessed me to sign up for it.
It's been *years* since my last relationship failed, or even really just gone out on a date - I just fail to meet anyone who is available.
I have tried some internet dating sites, but it's so impersonal, plus most of them seem to have been compromised by scammers.
And I won't go near Tinder (and it's ilk), as it's obvious intention is to help attractive guys just looking to get laid.
So, yeah, why not give it a try?
At least I'm guaranteed meeting other people face-to-face...

The concept, if your not familiar with it, is that a group of singles in an equal male/female ratio have a series of "mini dates" (say, about 5 minutes in length), just enough time to make a first impression and ask a few questions to help determine personality and compatibility.
It progresses in a circular fashion, until you have had a date with everyone from the opposite gender.
At the end of the night, you provide the names of any date(s) that you feel could have a good relationship with.
The host will then cross-reference this feedback, and if there are mutual matches, will put both in contact with each other.

I don't think I need to explain in detail here, but as I have AS I do have "the usual" interpersonal skills problems that go with the territory.
Most of you can relate to how difficult it is to find (and keep!) a relationship, how lonely it can be, and just the unfairness of it all that for some people can do this stuff effortlessly.

So has anyone tried a speed dating event before?
How was it? Was it fun?
Did you have any success?
Did it improve your confidence and/or social skills?
Do you have any advice for preparing for and during the event?

Also, any ideas for good questions to ask on a speed date, will be appreciated.

I'll be going to this in a weeks time.
If anyone is interested, I'll be sure to provide an update with my thoughts on the experience.