Does anyone live in India (or visited India)?

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12 Aug 2015, 1:38 pm

TW: Fatal child abuse.

I've been doing some research for the ASAN day of mourning site (disabled filicide victims), and one story that's been in the news is that of Chaitanya Balpande, a boy killed by his mother. He lived in Pune, Maharashtra, in India.

I've come across some terminology that I don't understand and I hope someone here knows what it means and can explain.

First, the term "lakh".
Quote: "Did Monster Mom Kill 13-Year-Old for Rs 10-Lakh Insurance?"

What is a lakh?

Second, "Partially disabled".
Quote: "Several chilling details have emerged in the cold-blooded murder of the partially disabled Pune teenager, Chaitanya Balpande..."

I know what "partial disability" is in the US--it means that you can work, but not as well as you would be able to without your disability--but obviously in the case of a 13-year-old, that's not applicable. Is it some kind of way of saying the disability is mild? Or that it didn't affect all of his body? Or what?

Thanks in advance.

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