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Neotenous Nordic

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11 Nov 2015, 8:58 am

Kurgan wrote:
Dream physique would be Steve Reeves or Reg Park. Neither were "natty" so to speak, though. Test shots were readily available since the late 40's, and Nilevar became available in 1956. So-called natural bodybuilders like Layne Norton and Lazar Angelov are not natural either.

I currently have the muscle mass enough to bench press 175 kgs (was benching 155 kg before I tried small amounts of "you know what"), but I look more like heavyweight boxer or UFC fighter than a bodybuilder due to the fact that gaining lots of muscle isn't enough; you need a certain "look" to become a bodybuilder.

In other words you're what they call "bearmode". Performance physique :) Have you tried strongman training?

I see you're scandinavian too, that explains a lot :)