interesting idea for a Skylanders game...any fans agree?

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20 Sep 2015, 11:36 pm

So with the 5th game, Superchargers, now available...and looking at each game's unique gimmicks and modes and whatnot...I came up with an idea: what if they made a free to play Skylanders game, downloadable on game consoles, that would allow newcomers to purchase digital versions of the toys and fans/collectors to use their toys & portals? Each level would be fairly big, and incorporate elements from the whole series like dual element gates, vehicle areas, Traptanium Crystals, feats of strength, Swap Zones...basically, a new game that fully utilizes the entire collection. Every character would have a Soul Gem to find as a way of previewing each one ( so those who get the digital versions of them but don't want every character can decide which ones they want ), as well as plenty of hats and vehicle mods. Oh, and being free to play, those who stick to digital and don't buy the actual toys could get a character or 2 and a vehicle to use on a rotating basis ( similar to how the free version of Killer Instinct works on Xbox One ). Also, like in Swap Force, you can read bios for each Skylander and actually alter the difficulty at any time ( Giants & Trap Team required a separate save slot for Nightmare, which was annoying ) plus like the new Superchargers you can play co-op online.

Anyone think this would be a good idea? Being Activision they'd likely overcharge for the characters, but I still think it'd be a nice way to show the longtime collectors their old figures still have gameplay value while also giving people who might be interested in the games but not in collecting the toys a way to experience the series...

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