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29 Sep 2015, 1:37 am

i only have it if it's cheap or free, tired of weak mc's
throw em in the dungeon for the beast to eat
speech to beat like teach to see
run around drunk and speak to trees
the beast is me, every rhyme is raw
i died before, spill blood like a lion's jaw
still shining more, still dope never wack at all
create beginnings before they plan the fall
open flesh when im high with a switch blade
hold a tech let em fly through your rib cage
spit flames, HOT like sunny days
used to be the best and nothing changed
ayo my flow sick, so slick
my soul lit, define what cold is
smoke piff, bury your corpse under stone bricks
wont quit, break their bones and claim the throne
16's like when grenades explode
yall fake im dope, yall hate im hope
my state unknown
source of the cure like where haze is grown
made from the blood of the sages clone
change the tone, a slave that broke the chains alone
the great divine, scribble lyrics on every page i find
made to shine, spit a verse and cage your mind

we're not sinners cuz we sin...
we sin...cuz we are sinners