Why are certain topics taboo to discuss?

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09 Oct 2015, 2:11 pm

Religious beliefs

Political views

Relationships (when you've never had one) (to someone who has or is married)

Kids (to which I don't have one to how a nephew/neiece is treated) not abuse just don't believe in spanking IMO.

How much income a coworker makes possibly more than you

I remember I asked a coworker how much she made (to see how much more than me) she looked at me like I was CRAZY!! !!

Yet! I asked an Aspie friend and she was fine with it! I ballpark "guessed" and I was close so YA! for being a curious Aspie to a fellow Aspie who understands after years of friendship I'm just curious and like breaking and analyzing things down.


Yet I talk to my sister about a smack on the arm and OMG! I don't have kids!

Or a small husband wife argument over IMO something as petty as what's for dinner OMG! Never had a boyfriend what do I know?! !! !!

I KNOW I don't want a relationship if OMG! what's for dinner is an argument or we spank our kids! (I don't even want kids)

Call me crazy but I want to date forever and marry and still "date forever" weekly dinners why that must change when we tie the knot live together is beyond me!! !

Yet these topics are so taboo and = an argument. :-( Why?? are NT's like this????


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09 Oct 2015, 2:25 pm

NTs take stuff more personally and are emotionally attached.
Like if they are part of a political party they tend to reject other views from other parties.
So it will end up in arguments because everyone tried to defend their own view and bash another one's.
So you avoid these topics altogether.