conversion therapy not effective and harmful

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18 Oct 2015, 11:42 am

I ran into this today and thought I'd share...although I doubt anyone here is using this type of therapy. I read a bit about how some of that ABA therapy, shock therapy, etc. that was used many years ago for autistics, was later used as conversion therapy for LGBT. I have also seen that those kids whom I know, whose parents are set on giving them every kind of therapy possible to make them neurotypical, are the same kids who are the most stressed and not doing well. It seems that PTSD is not something that many of these parents consider, but from reading about PTSD I can see so many of what these parents claim their kid does because of autism is actually PTSD. Anyway, thought I'd share. Hopefully someday soon, we'll realize the damage that is being done to autistics in the name of making them neurotypical, just as this states was being done to LGBT in the name of making them straight. ... 29634.html