What I should do in this situation?

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23 Oct 2015, 8:42 pm

I like this girl for about 8 years. She is my only crush since schooldays. I want her in my life. How to tell her about my feelings without hurting hers?
She was my classmate in the school. Presently, she is single. She never noticed me. We have some talks, but it is only about studies. I was a geek back then, so she talked to me only to ask for homework or notes. Even today, when we talk, its just a few lines. It starts with "How are you ?" and the rest of the talk is on how's the studies going on. For the last 5 years I met her only once or twice a year. She's in a different college. Now that I am about to graduate from the University, I feel like this is the last chance for me. We didn't meet for about 7-8 months, but we chat on the facebook. I don't know what to talk, or how to proceed, and have no experience in even talking to women. I am an introvert and I am too shy. Please help me out.


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23 Oct 2015, 9:00 pm

Has she started texting/talking to you only when she needed help from you?
Or have there been others than those occasions?

IMO I wouldn't ask someone for help if I have some bad feelings toward that person in the first place..

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