Why do people think it is perfectly acceptable to say that

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11 Apr 2007, 7:08 pm

higher math is a like solitaire game to me; that is what keeps my attention; but i would not be able to intelligently converse or debate any kind of math.


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13 Apr 2007, 2:52 am

And they say we're socially handicapped. It's because people are so wrapped up in themselves that they never look at things from the other side, say to recognize the equation. If one person says they like a thing, and another says it's boring, they are now saying the second person is boring.

person 1 thinks - me = math
person 2 thinks - math = boring
person 1 concludes "person 1 thinks I'm boring"

I had a pinhead of a girl give me trouble for something I learned to do, something of which I am very proud. She rambled on, full knowing that this is something I do, about how she just didn't see why anybody would want to do it and that it wasn't worth the trouble. Took 3 conversations before I had thought it out well enough to put her in her place. The something I mentioned was breastfeeding, by the way, a great achievement, I think, for anyone with touch issues.


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13 Apr 2007, 8:27 am

why cant it be a compliment??
"i am good at math" "wow. i suck at math, you must be smart"