When does a Interest become a “Special Interest”?

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24 Jan 2016, 8:37 pm

Rocket123 wrote:
I work in the tech industry. I seem to have a “knack” for analyzing and constructing systems. I regularly work with both software systems and people systems. When I am not at work, generally all I think about are the systems I am constructing and how to make them better. In many ways, it’s like trying to solve a really difficult -- and sometimes impossible -- puzzle.

The other day, I began to wonder whether my work is an Interest, an Obsession or a “Special Interest”.

Also, I began to wonder how many people have their work as a “Special Interest”.

I'm right there with you! I work in healthcare IT and started a new full-time job just over a year ago. A few months later, I was trying to identify my special interest, since it seems all I ever think about now is work... and then I realized that this is my special interest. I have lost so much sleep over the last year because I check my work e-mail before I go to bed, and if a new issue is reported or someone needs help with an order set, I stay up to troubleshoot when I should be sleeping. :roll:

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24 Jan 2016, 8:40 pm

When you become obsessed and you think of them multiple times in an overly positive way.

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07 Feb 2016, 11:59 am

There are no objective rules about how any one human ought to "spend" their time on earth. Social rules are invented by social humans who believe that they "own" other people and can enslave them, either bodily or emotionally and mentally. "Bodily slavery" - buying a human being and forcing them to dig ditches or pick cotton has been outlawed, but setting up an economy that forces masses of people to work for "minimum wage" is also slavery. Exploiting illegal immigrants to do "dirty work" for Americans is hardly admirable.

Telling ASD types how to "spend" their mental energy is another way of "owning" us. Our mental life IS our experience of being alive, so restricting how and what we think about is slavery. Quantifying how many minutes or hours a day that "it is okay to be me" is like calculating how much time a lion spends hunting, eating and sleeping - bad lion! You're obsessed with hunting. It's absurd.