If you could choose how to die? ...

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24 Nov 2015, 7:07 pm

Edenthiel wrote:
Sylkat wrote:
But if you have a time machine, you don't have to die, ever.

Exactly. ;-)

How do you guys figure that?
Say you had a time machine. Maybe you go to say 2020 and see yourself hit by a car. You can then make sure that doesn’t happen in 2020, but even if you avoid every pitfall and no new ones pop up, you’ll still age yourself while time traveling, so eventually you’ll die of old age.
If the idea is to live and go back and abduct yourself at increasingly younger age and raise yourself on your own in time machine, you (or to be more exact the future you’s will still run out of you’s at some point. And the time machine could break.

No, I’m not over thinking things.

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24 Nov 2015, 7:19 pm

Hopefully I'll die in my sleep or with as little pain as possible. I also have no complaints if I am high as a freaking kite when I go.