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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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30 Nov 2015, 7:37 pm

ooOoOoOAnaOoOoOoo wrote:
This is what some Muslims say about Islam. I read it recently in a story about ISIS in Syria and their public punishments of individuals in accordance with strict Sharia Law. I started thinking about what that really means and it struck me as really sad because The Prophet is human while Allah is supernatural and unseen yet ALLAH shows mercy while the human does not.

Just sad.

It really does make you think.

Listen. Don't apply what you have heard on the news or in this world. Apply what you think is right. You have the ability to say what is kind n right n peaceful. If you are looking for the answers from outside sources, you will constantly be jumping from one awkward thought to another. Just figure out what is kind n right n go with it. It will make u stronger n feed your soul. You can feel like a king, father, or mother to the world unless u doubt yourself n God. But if you feel your soul is fed by goodness n God, then no one can tear you asunder. Blessings! And I hope you turn out to be amazing!


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30 Nov 2015, 7:43 pm

Personally, I believe that most of the brutality.....slavery, public stoning, honor killing, forced marriages (unfair to the young men as well as to the young women), are mostly culturally-motivated.

Occasionally, these things are discovered to have happened in America/Europe, and those involved are always from Mideastern Islamic countries who have not learned/assimilated their new cultures.

I do not see these things done by third and fourth generation American/European Muslims.

They are too busy going to college, working, achieving good lives, raising their families.

Actually, quite a lot of this; slavery, forced marriages, murdering a wife not considered 'good enough' for a son, have been done in India, by Hindus.

You do not see all or most Hindus behaving like this, no more than most Muslims.

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30 Nov 2015, 9:44 pm

Sylkat wrote:
I think that most Muslims are appalled by the behavior of those doing what is obviously evil, in the name of Islam/Quran/Muhammad.

I believe most Muslims worldwide wish to live in peace, care for their families, and follow their faith without prejudice.

As I asked in a thread regarding the attacks in Paris: What did they (terrorists) accomplish'?

Hatred towards Islam, mistrust of those who visibly follow that faith, and destruction of decades of progress towards acceptance of Muslims onto European culture, that's what.

Shooting kids at a rock concert has nothing to do with Islamic history, no one listening to music was attacking Islam in any way.

Isis is not Islam, as far as I can tell, any more than that North Ridge Baptist Church is Christianity.

Claiming to be something does not mean you are.

No, it's not all of Islam, but it is an aspect of Islam. It's a branch of Islamic thinking. What they accomplished is to further draw the west into a ground war, in order to bring about certain end times prophecies. Most religious people aren't scholars of their religious text, they are moderate to the extent they just follow the norm. They just go along with what everyone else is doing. The problem with religion in general is that it requires faith, faith is by nature something one can't question, since it's not based on a rational process to begin with. This opens the door to radical thinking. After all, if one's eternal soul can be tortured for thinking the wrong thing, doesn't that demand some kind of action?