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For people who always have bipolar would you rather be manic or depressed
Manic 45%  45%  [ 5 ]
Depressed 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Neither 55%  55%  [ 6 ]
Total votes : 11


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28 Nov 2015, 9:40 pm

Only answer if you have both aspergers and bipolar.

Aspergers - Diagnosed
Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 1 - diagnosed
Severe obstructive sleep Apnea- diagnosed
Borderline Personality Disorder- diagnosed
Bipolar I - diagnosed
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30 Nov 2015, 8:13 am

I'm Bipolar I, with my mood swings favoring mania.

While mania is fun for a while, it does WAY more damage to your loved ones and life in general. People don't mind the "hypomanic" phase, where you can be funny, cleaver and creative. Almost no one stays there.

Once you start creeping to those 4+ days with no to minimal sleep, too much caffeine or stimulates, and not much food, people hate you. They remember all your obnoxious, shitty behavior. You aren't the funny Robin Williams like person you think you are in your head. You're a loud mouthed, over the top, scattered brain jackass, who is burning bridges. But you don't see that. The mania has you thinking you are RIGHT and everyone else is flat out wrong. Or stupid. Or not the visionary your are.

And when you hit the payment of reality, it is not a pretty site. It's either the psych ward in leathers screaming your head off, or being manhandled by the police. People starting telling you all the crap-tastic behavior you've done. I've lost jobs and relationships during a rip roaring mania.

Suicidal mixed state depressions are not f*****g picnic, either. Those do less damage than the manias. People are much more willing to help you out, and care for you. (my experience). The psych ward staff doesn't hate your guts. (I've always heard they hate manias, because those patients are a huge PITA).

So to choose my picks wold be

1. Neither-I don't consider this condition to be a gift or has it done anything g positive in my life.

2. Depression. Even my worse suicidal depressions have only last 12 weeks.

3. Manias. While they feel like a million bucks during them, the havoc they create is so not worth it. I spent a year trying to cleaning up all the BS I caused during a 6 week mania. Hopefully never again.


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01 Dec 2015, 10:41 pm

I didn't vote in the poll cuz I'm not bipolar but I had some manic spells when I was suffering from a psychotic depression. My GP thought I was bipolar till I started seeing a psych.
I'd rather be neither but given the choice of either or, I'd pick manic sense it's funner than depression.

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03 Dec 2015, 11:12 am

I voted "manic". I meant "hypomanic" actually, hope it's okay.

It might be tiring, but it's better than depression. I love the rollercoaster. Even though I sometimes hate it.


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06 Dec 2015, 12:21 am

I don't have bipolar, but I think I've had hypomania-like episodes that lasted a few days. I loved the feeling of it, but I got delusions of grandeur. It made me post an embarrassing YouTube video. After I crashed I deleted my video and I got the opposite feeling of a delusion of grandeur. It was the worst feeling ever. If I have to go through that again I don't think it's worth it.

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