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04 Dec 2015, 9:02 pm

I fully stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement. Some cops are good people, but too many of them are abusive piggies who cannot possibly get an erection for their wives and daughters and sons back home unless they abuse their authority on a daily basis.

Give a bunch of sociopaths some pistols, some tazers and some badges, and innocent blood will always be shed as a result.

The thing is, I have known that situations where people end up dead over the tiniest of infractions has been happening for decades. The only reason why more people are aware of it now is because of cell phone cameras in the hands of citizens and body cameras that do not seem to stop cops from acting like sociopathic c**t piggies.

I have also known of people who were victims of police brutality because they were GLBT. And about how police in my city often lied on reports of anti-GLBT violence to protect the homophobes who committed acts of extreme viilence, so that it would not get charged as the hate crimes that they were.

I do not trust people who are given the power to beat down on people with absolute impunity over things like skin color or sexual identity.

Some cops are good, and those are the cops that never rise through the ranks.

Yeah, I am cynical as f**k, but this cynicism has decades of experience backing it up. People in positions of authority should never be blindly trusted. They just might feed you to the wolves on a whim.


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05 Dec 2015, 11:57 am