It's almost like my weekends are competing with each other

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07 Dec 2015, 1:04 am

For best weekend of the year.. I know the year is winding down and all, so maybe that's why weekends tend to step up their game in December? :P

The last really rad weekend I had was a booze & drug (um.. caffeine) fuelled party weekend for Halloween - 5 parties over 2 1/2 days.

This weekend was a lot more low key, but still some memorable moments for sure.

After work on Friday I went out for some beers & tokes w/ some of the guys from work (construction) then over to another venue where the owner of the company was playing in a charity benefit reunion show with the band he last played in 35 years ago. It was kinda neat to see these guys in their late 50's+ rocking out their 80's art-folk-rock. Then a bit of a drunken trek around to find something to eat hah. Thankfully these guys were fairly happy drunks. (I've only been working with them for 2 weeks.) Got home before 1am to get some sleep.

Slept in Saturday, chilled out, chatted with some friends, my brother came over and my dad's in town for the weekend (he's been working out of town for much of this year for the first time in his life) & so we all had a late brunch. Then they headed to my nephew's 11th bday, but I skipped it to attend my youngest God son's 4th bday instead. His bday was held at an indoor beach so the kids could have an "outdoor" style birthday party building sand castles and such. (it's an indoor beach volleyball and archery tag warehouse) It was cool because the kids had fun. Rode back with my high school best friend & picked up one of his cars along the way while chatting about some of his really cool business plans and the steps he's taking to grow his business (SO proud of him!). Back at his place, his little guy opened up all his presents and even though he got a lot of cool toys he was super stoked on the Ironman pyjamas I bought for him.. he gave me a hug and told me "my Ironman pyjamas.. I don't like them; I LOVE them!" aaaw, so super cute - I had to relay what he said to his dad (his parents are deaf) & it was just one of those nice moments where I really appreciate being around to hear one of those cute things his kids say just so I can share it with him. :) Then he had to go drop a car off at his shop and pick up another, so I went along.. and on the way, in a very very rare moment, he decided we ought to stop for a taster pack of beers & some appies at a brew pub.. so, we did. Nice to see him "stop and smell the roses" considering how fast paced his work & family life can be. 8) Made the car switch at his shop, shared a toke, then went home.

Hung out with my parents (nice, since I live in their house at the moment and they're not always here.) & then got some sleep. Got a (very) few things done around home today, some cooking/cleaning/laundry etc. Parents and my sister & 1yo nephew went out to watch a big rig Christmas parade with a bunch of lit up trucks. I chilled all day, chatted with my cousin. Then when my dad came back from dropping off a birthday present for a family friend's daughter he was lit up with some really really cool news... our friend has a new toy in his garage: a two seater seaplane of some kind. An airplane! That's so SO cool. This guy is a major go-getter and has been quite successful in life/sports/business/finances etc & is pursuing ever bigger goals. Definitely a positive influence in my life. Anyways, rather than make the 5-6 hour drive to his cabin each time, he bought an airplane & is re-doing a bunch of rubber seals on it & then taking flying lessons to get his licence over the next year. He's already a hang glider pilot, so it shouldn't be too difficult. So so cool. I love hearing super cool news like that about friends and family achieving goals and getting what they want out of life. They've worked hard and smart for a long time in order to get it, and it's inspiration & motivation for me.. makes me think ahead to the kind of life I can create for myself by the time I hit his current age in about 15 years.

*shrug* just a bunch of cool random stuff I felt like sharing somewhere. Next weekend.. hmmm, I could work (boring!) or do nothing (yay!), maybe Christmas shop (gotta be done..), oooorrr miiight hit the highway with my mom to head to a family friend's annual Christmas tree raising party since my dad won't be able to go. Hmm, decisions decisions.

Now to get a few more things ready for work tmw & see about writing an email to the City of Vancouver in support of the Halloween party organizers that are currently under fire for some BS due to a rival night club owner calling in complaints about them.. heh, just one last thing I want to get done this weekend before I go to sleep.

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