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What's worse, white pride or white guilt/shame?
white pride 19%  19%  [ 11 ]
white guilt/shame 40%  40%  [ 23 ]
both 40%  40%  [ 23 ]
Total votes : 57


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05 Dec 2016, 2:04 pm

DavidTheWitch wrote:
How about the White Race doesn't exist. Kiddies the "White Race" is an invention of the European leaders to unite Europeans around a single banner. I suggest studying a collage course and not SJWs do not control collage. That is something people who have no education say to feel good about themselves.

White generally refers to people of European decent, white isn't just one specific ethnicity though there are various European ethnicities, all of which could all be described with the umbrella term white. I don't really believe in the whole there is no such thing as race or ethnicity since there are some rather apparent features that vary between people of different ethnicities.

It doesn't 'matter', no ethnicity or race is superior or inferior....but I think it is a bit of a stretch to say it doesn't exist in any sense of the word. Not sure that is what you were getting at, but I had a college course where that was brought up and I kind of had to agree to disagree with that particular unit.

Seemed the end goal was to counteract racial tension or something but it seems even a lot of people in minority groups would be offended at the suggestion their unique ethnicity doesn't exist and that everyone is the same ethnicity/race.

Welcome to hell, this is the end.


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05 Dec 2016, 2:26 pm

Both I say, frankly I am sick of, in this era, being pigeonholed into "pride" or "shame" because I share an orange-pinkish-beige skin tone with idiots who believe it makes them and their "culture" superior to others. I mean, humans are all sacks of seawater, protoplasm and calcium under the skin colors. And I am me, semi-sentient, born into a world by sheer luck out of millions of other sperm that didn't make it, that somehow is even able to think from a synthesis of electrical impulses and chemistry. I could have been instead an ant, 30 million years ago, worrying about being eaten by a proto-anteater. Or a kind of alien rock on Proxima Centauri 5 billion years form now. Hell, I might not even have come into the universe, just staying in a void of nothingness never to see anything except darkness and feel nothing. Point is, I don't care, and forming identities on artificial groups and conflicts resulting from them is stupid.