Do you associate a certain sense with another sense?

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Do you associate a certain sense with another sense?
Yes 59%  59%  [ 13 ]
No 41%  41%  [ 9 ]
Total votes : 22

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12 Feb 2019, 11:54 pm

Skilpadde wrote:
If only! I've been fascinated by the idea ever since I heard of it.

Me neither , I feel defective :(

The closet it gets is smells evoke memories but that's normal

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02 May 2019, 5:00 pm

Joe90 wrote:
I've been seeing numbers and days of the week as colours since I was about 5. It's rather vividly in my mind. But I don't get confused though.

Monday is green
Tuesday is brown
Wednesday is red
Thursday is gold or yellow
Friday is white
Saturday is white
Sunday is black

The days of the week have always been those colours for me.

I watched a movie once called "Eating". A female character saw salad as Tchaikovsky and other foods as other musicians. Personally, people remind me of certain songs.


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02 May 2019, 5:22 pm

In several ways; some syneasthetic, others I'm less sure. The main one for me is that things I see and hear give me a weird mix of tactile, proprioceptive, and interoceptive sensations. They're very hard to describe, totally unlike any other feelings from those senses: it's as if I can feel the stimulus passing through me, or like my body is being warped somehow. For example, walking across a floor with a tiled pattern will make it feel like the pattern is making ripples through my head or chest. It's never bothered me and never really causes me any problem - other than learning to stop telling people about it because of the funny looks they gave me!

Pretty much all of the time I have prominent visual snow, and varying degrees of visual and auditory migraine (I occasionally get full-blown migraines, so I assume that's what it is.) Those react quite strongly to other stimuli, especially to sound - they'll kind of dance along with it, or get brighter and more jagged when there are noises that I don't like.

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