I can't tell when someone likes me?

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21 Dec 2015, 11:53 am

kendrameow wrote:
I've even had guys kiss me out of nowhere. I don't get it!

I've been on the receiving end a few stealth kisses in my time, they tend to be somewhat disarming, especially since stealth kissing is one of my strategies.

My favorite stealth kiss is the lingering non-kiss.

The best places to use it is on a bench either at a park or scenic overlook. I slowly reach out, enough for them to see me and turn, and lightly caress the edge of their face with my hand, I'll remark how beautiful their eyes are. Then I move in for the kiss, but stop myself just before contact. I hold myself there for a small moment, before tilting my head slightly forward, then let out a faint laugh (almost light cough), and slowly retract myself. Then apologize for my forwardness, that I'd just gotten lost in the moment, and that they just looked so beautiful tonight.

kendrameow wrote:
I don't pick up on any flirting or anything beforehand, and I don't feel like I flirt with them.

Time was, it used to be that parents would give there children flirting tips, but nowadays, most get their tips and tricks from movies and TV shows, where the long process of relationship building is all too often forced and rushed through. Young people see this, and then assume that this is how all relationships work. :roll:

kendrameow wrote:
I don't even know how to flirt.

It's complicated.

Sometimes just looking at each other, and sharing a glance, is more than enough to get the proverbial ball rolling.

kendrameow wrote:
Does this happen to anyone else?

Sort of... But not really... :|

I don't have many friends that I haven't slept with and shared amorous moments with, and half of those I've had sex with at least once.

I have experienced four different kinds of sexual relationships.

There's the casual non-serious sex that occurs between good friends.

Then there's the intense noncommittal sex between acquaintances and/or strangers.

Then there's the slow passionate sharing sex between lovers in a relationship.

Finally, there's the kind of one-sided sex that is performed for those seeking to hire my services for an evening.

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Idealist wrote:
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21 Dec 2015, 5:49 pm

Anneliese wrote:
Spiderpig wrote:
I've never understood why it's almost universally assumed those who show "interest" can't be genuine friends.

Some people can, but others carry on the friendship hoping that she will change her mind.

I agree. In most cases, people just can't/don't shift their intentions from romantic to "just friends", and act like nothing ever happened. There is still something there, whether either side admits it, or not.

When one person just wants a friendship, and the other person shows/has shown romantic interest, this is considered a one-sided relationship. This can create conflicts, and usually someone ends up getting hurt.