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26 Dec 2015, 9:38 pm

Idealist wrote:
zkydz wrote:
That's my response when I feel slighted.
That's my problem, I can't just walk away, if I feel slighted, I have to make things right, whatever way I can.
zkydz wrote:
If I'm making an effort and people can't see it or appreciate it, 'f 'em.
Sometimes people don't understand such things unless you explicitly tell them about it.
Most times, people just don't want to understand. Don't know how old you are, but I'm 55 and I just don't have time for other people's foolishness. I got bigger fish to fry, like surviving. For instance, I get why Benefici was hurt. HAd the same thing happen to me this week. I'm at home with my family. My mom asked why I was so tired and I told how my sleep has been bad or broken. No solid sleep. She said "Well, who's fault is that?". I told her it was nobody's fault, it was just what happened and walked off after she gave me some confused look. I thought what she said was uncalled for and just mean. I know it wasn't mean in intention. But it was like a slap in the face. So, even though it takes me a while to process it, it doesn't stop the hurt. Been a week filled with crap like that and now I'm counting the days until I get to go home. Can't change plane tickets.....

Idealist wrote:
I just didn't think you should have been piled on because you had an opinion contrary to stroking the hurt feelings. To be fair, I was simultaneously being attacked on another Thread, so I may have overreacted in this Thread.
Not sure how that affected this. I came into this thread and agreed that the other individual said something without being aware and it was more reasonable than what I get around my family. Here's a line that I get from my father every friggin' time I call or something. "What's on your feeble?".

Pisses me off to no end. But, I have to step back and count to ten. Every friggin' time......

He thinks it's funny and has no idea how offensive he really is. I just had to leave the room because we were watching a movie and I got tired of him constantly "Correcting" the movie. And, he is usually wrong.

So, I don't see what you originally said as wrong....But, I can also identify with what Benefici said. It is extremely upsetting and people just don't get it. But, if you say something about it, they will usually get all out of sorts and then YOU become the bad guy. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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27 Dec 2015, 6:02 am

SavageMessiah wrote:
Hell, it's Christmas. Everyone hates "their uncle". Case-in-point: my wife started a drinking game with my dad to swig one down every time my uncle told a story everyone had already heard before.

Understanding and "mindedness" decreases over the years, especially in our elders (aunts, uncles, etc.). Henceforth, I couldn't give two craps less what my aunts and uncles think on a regular basis, let alone at Christmastime.

My two cents...

I like it, a drinking game whenever someone puts their foot in it.

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